Rothschild family, Russia’s fault for everything, ISIS, Globalism and North Korea – MUST READ INTERVIEW


December 18, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from El Boletin.

MADRID, Spain – After the first part of the interview, THE BULLETIN published on Monday the second part of the interview with the Colonel and one of the greatest experts in geopolitics in Spain, Pedro Baños, as part of his new book ‘Así funciona el mundo’.

Golden Dawn in Greece, National Front, Brexit, aging demographics … What future awaits Europe?

Europe has a very uncertain future, very complicated. The success of the book is really thanks to the interest of the people to see and understand what is happening in the world and especially thanks to the young people, who have a very difficult panorama.

Europe is now sailing adrift. 8 years ago, Europe accounted for 25% of world GDP. We are currently at 17% and if we continue at this pace, it is estimated that in less than ten years we mean less than 7% of world GDP.


We have stopped being competitive, we are not able to sell everything we could get to produce and, above all, in a situation of economic weakness we are selling all our strategic sectors to China, which is the last straw.

The mistake we made in relocating technology companies in countries such as China has made it worse by selling them directly to companies.

In the end the great victim of globalization, in economic terms, will be Europe …

Of course, and above all, a very concrete part of Europe, young people. Because these movements of nationalists or extremists that are emerging in Europe is no more than a reflection of those who have lost globalization.

Globalization has been very advantageous for some but for others it has meant an absolute disaster. And those losers are looking for a new formula, a new way out, a new political system.

I’m tired of repeating it. If this Europe does not reinvent itself, does not come back, we will all go very badly.

With the current demography, it seems difficult to bounce back…

The issue of pensions, for example, is a real drama. You are earning half that of your pensioner grandfather. And that the one that charges something. Young people are living supported by their grandparents, by their parents or by the State.

You are not contributing to Social Security or pensions. It means that you are not going to have pensions. Is that also Russia’s fault? In fact, maybe that would be the solution.

Here only worries who will win the next election, and then the next. This panorama extends across Europe, to which we must add many other problems, such as that of refugees, who are not knowing how to respond.

We are creating a monster, with young people working without pay, who lead us to a revolution, and we have not realized it. We must see what happened in the Arab revolts, motivated by frustrated young people.

The appearance of a revolution would at least return the feeling of recovering, perhaps, the ideologies.

Ideology offers you hope. The hope of a better world that benefits you. Everyone, based on that principle of selfishness, votes or aspires to something that will improve their lives.

Would the revolution be democratic?

We have a democratic system, blessed democracy, despite all the shortcomings and all the problems. But democracy has been abused a lot. Precisely because ensuring that it is the best system has been abused.

What’s going on? That more and more people are reluctant to this system, to doubt the benefits of democracy, even to reject it, especially young people. They look for something to take refuge in, which can be any extremism or political nationalism.

To avoid that hopelessness, the State should intervene and guarantee its future?

People have to hope that they can do something for themselves. Here we think that everything is arranged giving aid. And no, that does not solve the life.

The great collectives of the world that live on aid all end badly, whether the Indians in the US or Canada, are the Eskimos in Greenland. All end up, somehow, drunk, with psychological problems … people need to feel useful to themselves.

But the conformation of the current society, venerating the culture of the entrepreneur, the ‘be your own boss’, the ‘if you want you can’, is a kind of cage that contains those same axioms but in reverse.

If you do not get it, it’s because you’re not worth it and if you do not have a job it’s your fault. To that is added that there is no figure – boss – to point to and you end up in depression.

Totally. If you are working in a company and you have a problem with the company you are going to blame the company. But as you have been convinced that you are not, that you are going to be much more free and that you are going to find the zenith of the human soul being an entrepreneur … they are telling you to ‘solve the problem’.

But the problem is that they are not entrepreneurs, we are creating self-employment. Because people do not hire. Most self-employed people do not hire or hire very few people, usually from their family environment or friendships.

In addition, few are successful and when you fail, which are the majority, they point to you. Politicians have moved the problem and if you fail the useless is you, not the society in which you are immersed.

Does the politician really have so much competition on this matter or are the big lobbies of influence?

The politician, first, is aware of the internal struggles within his own party. The day to day absorbs them and it is very difficult to make deep reflections on these issues.

That is why it is often manipulated by other superior forces. We are talking about power groups. In Spain directly influenced by the American way of life. The way we dress, traditions, what we talked about before.

The book makes us a recommendation for our life, which is to doubt. What is the risk of doubting becoming a conspiracy?

I do not believe in conspiracy theories but in realities of conspiracy because that is how it works. What happens is that it is often easier to deceive people than to convince them that they are being deceived.

People have a hard time getting out of the mental norm that they have imposed on you. I am tired, I can tell you that even at the highest European level, to give lectures and say: ‘let’s start from scratch. We are going to sit down and we are going to begin to doubt everything they have told us.

Well, many tell me ‘how am I going to doubt now that I’ve been writing about this for 20 years’.

Is manipulation a common denominator?

Absolutely. After the Second World War, the United States, through the CIA, spent huge amounts of money in Europe to prevent an expansion of communism on the continent.

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With this money, hundreds of politicians and media were conditioned to impose a single line of thought and crush anyone who opposed that line. And what I say are official documents disqualified from the US. Reality works like this.

Not questioning is also self-protective.

Of course. At the moment when you doubt and, for example, say that Russia may not be interested in European destabilization, you become the weird one. You just want to get attention and they’ll hang that Sambenito.

Today that effect has been multiplied even more through social networks, where they can destroy you socially in a matter of hours. What then is the simplest? Play along.

The Islamic State was created spontaneously and is bad, North Korea is bad, Putin is bad …

Why is Kim Jong Un not bad?

Because he simply defends his own. Regardless of whether or not we like his political regime and that there are no freedoms, he defends his own. Why can not a sovereign state have nuclear weapons? Why can some and others not? Why are Pakistan and Israel good and can they have nuclear weapons?

There is no argument against North Korea. In accordance with international law, and according to the Charter of the United Nations, all countries are sovereign and independent and nobody can interfere with them.

The United States has thousands of nuclear warheads. It is said that North Korea has launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile. OK, how many missiles does the US have installed on its nuclear submarines? Hundreds of them. The United States can have those and North Korea, none. Why? Because we do not like you and are communists?

And why is Israel allowed to have nuclear weapons?

Because the great powers need to have enemies and they point to North Korea. A few weeks ago, the United States included North Korea among the sponsoring countries of terrorism. What terrorism is North Korea sponsoring?

Saudi Arabia is not on that list …

Not Qatar. It is an absolute hypocrisy. It is a total farce. It turns out that Cuba had been on that list for 50 years until Obama decided to take it away. If it takes 50 years why you take it off today. Or you’ve cheated on me during this time.

What reasons does North Korea have to do what it does?

Think, for example, of the military maneuvers that will be carried out in North Korean waters with three US aircraft carriers with nuclear propulsion and practically all of South Korea’s army. Is not that to offend a country? Does anyone imagine those macromaniobras in the waters between Mexico and the US?

The United States would react by sinking those ships in the middle of the Pacific. Let’s be honest and do not be fooled.

In the book you mention that the next conflict has Iran as the protagonist.

They are going to go for Iran. The US has already said this week at the UN that the fault of everything that happens in the Middle East is Iran. According to the US ambassador to the United Nations, Iran is sponsoring all terrorist groups. It is necessary to be hypocritical.

What are the reasons why they will go for Iran?

First, because there is a clear interest in the Middle East being always fragmented, unstable. It is necessary to think that it is the profitable oil of the world, as much for the ease of access as for its quality.

After World War I it was prevented that there was a large Arab state that controlled all that oil. It was not going to be allowed by the United States or the United States, which took advantage of all that oil.

Now, second point, who has gained power lately, Iran. He controls Iraq, he has won in Syria, Lebanon controls him to a certain extent, in Yemen he is winning … That is why they are going to go for him. There is going to be a great conflict in Iran.

What role does Europe have in that conflict?

The important thing is that we do not fall into the trap and not get into another war that we have no interest. In the end we only got hurt. Although I am clear that in case of war, Europeans will pay for the duck, as has happened with terrorism and with refugees.

Russia says it is going to start withdrawing troops from Syria because they have defeated the Islamic State …

That is another big lie, of some and others. The problem, the root, that gave rise to the Islamic State is still present. It is the marginalization of the Sunni world in Iraq and Syria and while that is not solved, that will remain there.

And not only will it continue, but I believe that the problem has been magnified by the tens of thousands of civilians who have died. When Mosul (Iraq) has been taken, thousands and thousands of civilians have died. The same has happened in Raqqa (Syria), and that is not forgotten, even less in those cultures.

Do the attacks on European soil depend on the military weakening of Daesh?

There will continue to be attacks. And not only is the Islamic State. Here we have forgotten Al-Qaeda. A month ago, a son of Osama Bin Laden has created a subsidiary of Al-Qaeda in Syria.

When they say, for example, that we must remove Al Assad from power in Syria. Who do you put, to Al-Qaeda?

What is clear is that regional and global geopolitical interests have dismantled functioning countries that were secular, secular, socialist and that worked relatively well for their world. Do not think about our parameters. Libya, Syria, and even Saddam Hussein’s Iraq are examples of this.

When there are attacks on European soil many people, media, politicians, put the focus on the Muslim religion and charge against it. Can there be any interest in weakening Islamism because its culture moves away from the interests and control of the big lobbies?

Religions are not intrinsically bad. They served to order the life of man and even to make him better. The problem is the manipulation of religions, the misrepresentation. Many times for political or economic purposes.

For example, regarding Islam, it has been manipulated when it was wanted. He has been extreme, radicalized, to achieve other goals. The problem with this is that when you create a monster, protected by faith, it turns against its creator.

Is there any State that is a good example after all?

There are countries that are more on the margin of these diatribes, although many times because they are too much allied to a powerful country. There are countries that are considered very stable, such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada or Norway. But these countries are really very close to the Anglo-Saxon world.

Are there the Illuminati?

What I believe is that there are people above the Bilderberg club. If they appear there, those are not the ones that control. There is someone who does control it. It is very difficult to identify it, but we have for example the case of the Rothchild family, which are largely those that control the world economy.

Who knows the members of that family? No one. We do not know those who truly dominate the world.

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