Saakashvili is preparing major offensive against Poroshenko


December 7th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 
– Rusvesna, translated by J. Flores for FRN – Support Flores’ Patreon!

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He stated this at a rally in the protest camp.

“Now we are down not to days, but to hours. Now each area is prepared and taken one by one. Do you know why they could not take me out? First, Olga went under the car, then the rear glass was smashed by a man with a beard and the SBUshniki were very frightened, ” he said.

According to the politician, “a man with a beard” turned out to be a member of the Crimean Tatar Majlis. Saakashvili added that his man was also prevented from being taken out by the Mercedes and the People’s Deputy from “Self-help” Andrei Zhurzhiy, who blocked the car in front and behind.

“We must learn how to counterattack. I declare here our Sich, Ukrainian Sich. We will prepare to repel their attacks … I propose to prepare for a large-scale offensive on Poroshenko. Now we will see this bridgehead to the end. And I assure you, we have all the opportunities, if we work well, we will meet the New Year without him,” he assured.

According to the politician, on December 5, the president suffered a “deadly loss”.

“We are preparing a major march, at least as strong as in December 2013. Let’s all talk with everyone. We collect signatures about impeachment in all areas. We have 150 tents already and another 200 are put by our activists,” he summed up.

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