Saakashvili reveals the Ukrainian Security Service are impressed by Putin


December 19, 2017 – FRN – 

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Vesti – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

The former president of Georgia and the ex-head of the Odessa region said that this could be his last interview on Ukrainian TV, because, he knows about plans of the “organized criminal group of Poroshenko” to extradite him to Georgia, despite the “warning of Western diplomats.

However, Saakashvili says, in Georgia too “chimps under oligarchs” make such plans for him, but he himself is not afraid of anyone.

At the same time, the rebel politician thinks it is Poroshenko that is afraid of him, and even Putin, because Saakashvili is “an example of the struggle,” and he is “impossible to buy, while too messy to kill.”

In addition, he said that he had overheard conversations of the employees of the Security Service of Ukraine.

According to Saakashvili, the SBU officers discussed the actions of the protesters of the Saakashvili-led “Maidan 2.0”, saying that “Putin would have twisted them all into goat horn,” (curly) 

“He [Putin] is ideal for them,” the disgraced politician, without citizenship, said.

In the interview (in Russian), Saakashvili expressed himself in a strangely figurative way. In particular, he compared Yanukovych with vodka or whiskey (the poisoning of the organism happens quickly), Poroshenko – with beer, “which the body perceives as food, so you want more and more, and the hangover from it is much worse.”

Saakashvili believes that the people of Ukraine do not have the opportunity to tolerate the current power for a year and a half more, and therefore calls for its peaceful transfer.

Inessa Sinchougova is an Editor and Journalist at Fort Russ News, as well as a research fellow and translator of the Belgrade based think-tank, the Center for Syncretic Studies. She was educated at Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand), in the field of Political Science and was previously employed in Marketing and Communications Strategy for a Multi-National Corporation. She runs a popular YouTube channel for translations of key Russian Foreign Policy figures and appears regularly on other alternative media channels. If you like her work, you can support her Patreon here.

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