Savchenko: The Ukrainian Revolution was betrayed


December 4th, 2017- Fort Russ News – 
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KIEV, Ukraine – Today, as anti-Poroshenko radical nationalists block the area surrounding the TV station of NewsOne –  on NewsOne, a nation-wide broadcast in Ukraine, the infamous Savchenko told a clearly uncomfortable show host, not to fear words like ‘revolution’ or ‘coup’ – that now “We need to be afraid of what is happening. And there is a direct loss of human lives due to the fact that the authorities are not able to provide security, conduct foreign economic policies, so that people are satisfied.”

In her comments, she made it clear that there was either a coup or a still-born revolution, referring back to the Euromaidan of 2013 and 2014. The people, she explains, wanted a serious change of leadership – what appears as a rotation of personalities did not in fact usher in the change that people wanted during their so-called ‘revolution of dignity’. 

This means that the revolution, she says, is incomplete – that to the extent Ukrainians are supporting anything, they have aspired for a revolution but are settling for either this still-born revolution or this Poroshenko coup d’état within the revolution process. 

Savchenko, for those catching up with the ins and outs of the NATO backed coup which has plagued Ukraine since 2013, was a militant supporter of the Euromaidan, on the extreme nationalist end, of neo-nazi Aidar battalion. Describing her views as social-nationalist, she has in other interviews expressed that her hopes at the time were to see a rebirth of Ukraine free of foreign influence, not with NATO/EU nor with Russia – in the case of both, she views being run by a corrupt oligopoly. 

She was captured by pro-Russian forces in June 2014, perhaps having herself crossed into Russian territory, then handed over to the Russian authorities, and was accused of targeting civilians. Based upon the position of the unit she led, and the civilian casualties in the vicinity, there was a firm basis for such allegations. In 2016 she was released in a prisoner exchange agreement. 

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After her release, analysts and pundits alike noticed a significant change in her orientation. No longer supporting or calling for a war with Russia, or the necessity of retaking lost territories – she, having seen first hand the horrors of war – has oriented her criticisms towards two policies of the Kiev government – fleecing the poor, and pushing an impossible foreign policy agenda against Russia. Others have speculated that during her detainment she was subject to Russian re-education, of the sort often written about in reference to the Stalin era of the USSR. In response to this, it has been pointed out that her father was a Communist party member, and she grew up with an understanding of the problems of capitalism and class dynamics. 

During her detainment she was elected to the Ukrainian government, in the Rada, and since being released has become a fierce critic of Poroshenko as well as NATO policy on Ukraine, representing a new and perhaps unpredictable vector in Ukrainian politics. 

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Joaquin Flores is Editor-in-Chief of Fort Russ News, as well as the Director of the Belgrade based think-tank, the Center for Syncretic Studies. He was educated at California State University, Los Angeles, in the field of International Relations. He previously served as Chief Negotiator and Internal Organizer in several jurisdictions for the SEIU labor union in California. Flores has twenty years experience in community, labor, and anti-war organizing.  Flores has appeared innumerable times on Iran’s ‘PressTV’ and Russia’s ‘RT’ news to share his expert opinion and analysis on current geopolitical matters. 

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