Some uncomfortable truths about the Chavista electoral machinery in Venezuela


December 14, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Mision Verdad

CARACAS, Venezuela – From the first elections in times of revolution to chavism, he has been accused of being a clientelist, needy and begging machine that goes to the polls for a “muzzle of arepa”.

Under that stigma the upper middle class and the rich of Venezuela built the greatest of their self-deceptions: they convinced themselves that Hugo Chávez won whatever election was presented not because people wanted him and saw in him a political and class reference , but because “they gave him something” in exchange for his vote.

The problem was not then that a mostly poor and hard-working country found Chávez a leader in his own image, but that these people were ugly, black, and rude -I do not say it, I just quote the decency made woman in Diana D’Agostino- she gave her support to the Commander for the social missions and the food bags of Mercal and Pdval.

The formula was then clear for the commercial and financial criollo oligarchy that wanted back his country sifrino and supremacist eclipsed by Chavez: we destroyed the missions, we took away the food and that’s it, those people will stop voting and feel chavista.

That self-deception evolved in time; from the muzzle of arepas of Mercal and Pdval to the more general missions, then to the Cherys, My Well-Equipped House, pensions, Housing Mission, and so on to the Carnet de la Patria and CLAP in recent times.

It would also be a self-deception to say that the plan to destroy the architecture designed by Hugo Chávez to distribute income socially has not been partially successful, especially since Venezuela has a single income (oil) and in times of lean times (low prices) It makes it more difficult to distribute. Maduro had to face the hangover of the immense bonanza of previous years.

The popular “Cadivi quota” was finished in Venezuela, from which a good part of the middle class drank, as well as the massive Cherys deliveries or products from Mi Casa Bien Equipada, for the benefit of sustaining pensions and basic social missions that even the Today’s sun has faced the national economic setback.

But although the funnel of the distribution began to close, the feared electoral machinery of Chavism survived. Even losing the parliamentary elections, he maintained a solid floor of 5 million 622 thousand votes that in 2017-year in which the hangover of the bonanza became a thriller-has been increasing progressively.

In the municipal elections of last Sunday, the Chavismo (agglutinated in the PSUV together with the Great Patriotic Pole) obtained 6 million 517 thousand votes, a quite greater number in comparison with the parliamentary and regional ones of the 15 of October.

Victory is again analyzed as a product of machinery. Paradoxically in social and economic times where there is not much to offer “in exchange for the vote”, it increased its capacity for mobilization and convocation.

The times of the “muza de arepa” (now transmuted in CLAP and Carnet de la Patria) are back, only now it worries that similar arguments come from some opinion makers listed as left.

“The electoral machinery” for rich and upper middle class sectors is a way to represent Chavismo, to imagine west of Caracas and towns or cities of the interior that have never visited or only visited through the black chronicles of the pages of events.

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This is what more or less happens according to his imagination: people are taken out of their homes to vote, they are watched, before entering the building they are afraid that they will never receive CLAP again and that the secret vote is a hoax. Then when it comes out of voting it is verified that it was done by the PSUV and it is forced to register the Carnet de la Patria in the red dot.

All this is carried out by armed mototaxista criminals (the machinery), who in turn control the CLAP and the Communal Councils, with gigantic money bags and canaimitas to make electronic or cash payments to those who vote for the PSUV, using parallel resources. of approved ministries, governorships and town halls.

Although it may seem jocular, with its extremes and flats, this is how the upper middle class thinks that elections take place in areas dominated by Chavismo.

The much criticized and despised Chavez electoral machinery is not a contingent of people who appears on election day, hired and paid to work by mobilizing people. It is usually constituted by the same people (mostly elderly ladies) who every day organize the Communal Council, different sports, cultural or political activities and the CLAP. People who live by and for the politics of the street, subjected to the excesses of war on all fronts and without claiming that they give Mission Housing and Haier fridge to work according to the Revolution. If that were the case and it was a possibility, even the opponents would disguise themselves as Chavistas to be part of the machinery.

Ready. When the day of the elections arrives, all that organizational work, from day to day, which passes many times invisible in social networks, is put in function of the call and mobilization.

They coordinate the transfer of people from hidden places or with mobility problems, they attend the voters, they are from dawn to late at night in the red dot registering those who have the Carnet de la Patria, they serve as support to the Plan República, they check the 1×10 (now 4×4) using many times the balance of their own phones. That body work that nobody wants to do to be exhausting and demanding, not artistic or profitable for social networks, they do.

No. It is not people who do it to become a millionaire or as a job, none of them can boast of living in comfortable conditions or having access to consumption different from the rest. They are people who in the middle of the war organize themselves in order to take boxes of food to the neighborhoods and villages, to collect the money, transport and guarantee that the plan does not fail in the field, to attend to hundreds of daily problems to which everything the world flees.

When he criticizes the machinery of Chavism, he is attacking that lady and gentleman who selflessly works to help you.

And here it is worth a clarification: the CLAP was born as a response to the economic war and the financial blockade, to condemn that this structure has served to recompose morally and politically the poor areas that have always supported Chavez, it is not understand that what At stake is our life and not just a government management. People recognize and vote based on that, not by who has the best campaign or product of extortion. To see it like that would be to deny the epic and profound victories of the Commander: the real political work of millions, working hand in hand with the needs of the people, behind every newsletter read by Tibisay Lucena.

But if you think I’m talking about fantasies and that all this is a lie, let’s go to mathematics, which never fails. In the last 18 years the states of the interior of the country (Cojedes, Portuguesa, Guárico, Trujillo, Barinas, Falcón, etc.), with greater difficulties than those of large cities and much less benefited by the distribution of oil income, maintain an 80% vote favorable to Chavez.

How do you explain then that this vote remains unchanged in good and bad times? Well the answer has been scratching the pupil since the beginning of the XXI century Venezuelan: tens of thousands of people without claiming prominence and putting the only thing he has, his life and his right to do politics, working tirelessly so we do not grind the stomach. The same people of millions of faces on April 13 today do their silent work from the CLAP, little need fireworks and heroic poems before the resounding results that are imposing.

That is the machinery that both hate, and that this Sunday December 10 managed to add 945 thousand votes. The fey, ugly and rude people who made possible a feat that nobody expected.

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