Syria’s economy and industrial output massively improves in 2017


December 29, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

DAMASCUS, Syria – With the war slowly winding to a conclusion at the Syrian Army continues to liberate new areas, thousands of new businesses have started in 2017 alone.

About 5,408 new private industrial facilities out of 11,430 facilities have returned into service during 2017 due to the measures adopted by the government, SANA reported.

Businesses have made billions in profit in Syrian Pounds.

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The General Establishment of Food Industries with its five companies produced a total of SYP 11,956 billion and gained profits of SYP 2,390 billion; The General Establishment for Engineering Industries with its four working companies recorded a production of estimated at SYP 21,050 billion, sales of SYP 19,748 billion, and profits of SYP 2,237 billion; The production of the five companies of the General Establishment for Chemical Industries registered at SYP 14,409 billion and sales of SYP 13 billion; and, The General Establishment for Tobacco produced about SYP 33,881 billion and profited about SYP 15,156 billion, SANA explained.

Aleppo was fully liberated in December 2016, and is also Syria’s largest city and its economic and industrial hub. With this in consideration it is no surprise industry and profits have significantly spiked in 2017.

1 Billion Syrian Pounds is around $1.5 million US Dollars.

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