Take back companies privatized by stateless parasites! – analysis


December 26, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Nova Resistencia.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil –  For decades, past generations have worked and paid taxes. Through this accumulated effort, and despite internal and external opposition, the Brazilian State, especially under Pedro II, under Getúlio Vargas, and under Ernesto Geisel, managed to take some steps towards the transformation of Brazil into an industrialized country.

The forces of always, linked to the semifeudal latifúndio and the international financial capital, were able to sabotage the outbreaks of Brazilian industrialization and to interrupt them. Unhappy with the mere paralysis of Brazilian industrialization, starting from Sarney, and especially after the Washington Consensus, the delivery of all industrial means of production to private hands, mainly foreign hands, was put into practice.

Starting under Sarney, the BNDES was prohibited from granting loans to public companies (the bank was created specifically for this purpose) and, thus, a plan was started for sabotage and weakening of public enterprises, mainly through the reduction of investments. The effect of this sabotage was felt in the deterioration in the quality of the provision of public services.

With people subject to massive media propaganda of misleading content that blamed all sorts of state problems – and promised a golden, utopian future of development, wealth, and quality public services if we got rid of those state-owned ones – dozens of Brazilian companies, erected by the efforts of several generations of workers, were sold for the most ridiculous values ​​possible.

There were numerous cases of fraud of all kinds, mainly accounting. Raising fares shortly before the sale (to ensure that the new owners would already be profiting) from sales made with money from government loans, whose debts were not paid and then the government itself forgave.

The total damage caused to the public coffers can reach 14 trillion dollars, that is, almost 8 times our current GDP. The FHC government, for example, practically presented George Soros, the boss of Arminio Fraga, with a batch of 6 billion preferred shares of Petrobrás, for less than 2% of its value in 1999.

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We are talking about crimes against humanity whose consequences are incalculable because they are not limited to the economy and the public accounts. To the extent that most privatized public enterprises, such as Vale and CSN, belonged to strategic sectors, we are also talking about losses that extend in the direction of national sovereignty and the geopolitical status of Brazil.

Was utopia achieved? Have we become a First World country with these privatizations? Everything does not. We continue sinking towards even lower levels of underdevelopment, we continue to deindustrialize, and the media repeats the same song for the children who are not even old enough to remember the 90s.

New privatizations are carried out by the Temer government for a future of prosperity that never comes and never will, because it is founded on the farce of comparative advantages, which tries to convince us that industrialization is not worth it or that it is not possible.

The last consequence is Mariana’s tragedy, a scenario that would have been far more improbable with a STATE Valley, putting the public good above the profits of foreign shareholders.

All these privatizations must be annulled, and the privatized enterprises must be retaken by decree, without any kind of indemnity to these parasitic forces that conspired to snatch the fruits of the blood and sweat of the Brazilian people.

Brazil’s weakness is caused not only by the malice of its internal and external enemies, but also by the languor, the lukewarmness, and the laxity of those who think that it is better to yield victory to the enemies of the people without fighting.

No matter what it costs, give to those who hurt, no matter the necessary sacrifices, it is necessary to put Brazil back on the civilizing path. And retaking the strategic national companies from the hands of the vultures of speculative capital is a fundamental step.

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