The American Empire in Crisis: Convincing victories of the “Axis of Evil” in 2017


December 15, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Mision Verdad.

CARACAS, Venezuela – Donald Trump with his “particular” style has placed US policy at crossroads of ruptures on sensitive issues such as foreign trade, with the departure of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Treaty (TTP), the abandonment of the Paris Agreement on change climate change and the exit of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Migrants. Trying to modulate global foreign policy, the United States has seen, on the contrary, its isolation.

On the other hand, simultaneously opening new fronts of military siege and sanctions against half humanity, in the best style of the old school, has not served to consolidate what was once a dynamic, vigorous foreign policy and -in practical terms- imperialism – politically effective. If we see 2017 as a blink, since in foreign policy a year is only a brief moment, we would see that the balance for the US is extremely negative. We could infer that there are few such negative references for US policy in such a short time.

Historically, the US installed the narrative of “Axis of Evil” to refer to any heterogeneous or homogeneous group of countries that have contravened their foreign policy, and the year 2017 has been emblematic for these actors – let’s call them that. Let’s make some references.

-Assad and Putin win the war against the Islamic State. The most monstrous creation in the recent history of US foreign policy, the Islamic State, an experiment in the mercenarization of conflicts and a new type of element for the development of warlike enterprise, has been defeated in Syria. The formidable action of the Syrian Arab Army, the Syrian militias, the political solidity of Bashar Al Assad and the incursion of the Russian Federation, who together with Shiite allies in the region such as Iran and Hezbollah of Lebanon, weakened, dismantled and dismembered the strongholds of the most powerful mercenary army that has ever been known in contemporary history.

The armament provided by the West and the financing of the Salafist monarchies of the Persian Gulf (the Saudis do not like that last adjective) were not enough to stop the demise of the Islamic State, who militarily appear scattered wandering from one corner to another between Syria and Iraq. Assad remains in power and the US has stated (without any other remedy) that he will recognize his mandate until the year 2021, once all the efforts of the White House to depose him have failed. The balkanization of Syria as a strategic approach of the US in the Middle East has been deferred and today is politically and militarily unviable.

-Russia emerges on the global scene as a leadership pivot. If we are facing the development of a new “cold war”, at the political level Russia is winning right now. This reference does not point only to the leadership of Vladimir Putin as a “multipolar world czar”; the issue is that Russia managed in 2017 to nullify the political and economic sanctions imposed on them by Washington and Brussels. As well as disarmed the dangerous conflict in Ukraine. It also defeated the Islamic State in Syria, and no less important: it has consolidated as a counterweight to the US military hegemony in qualities similar to those known in the Soviet Union.

Its strategic alliance with China, which is fully modulated and has unprecedented projection and depth, has served to ensure that the new reference of global political and military leadership is in Eurasia, a relative solidity since the Federation’s foreign policy appears in all scenes of conflict on a planetary scale as a factor of equilibrium, rearrangement and necessary proportion.

-China is winning the great economic war. The creation of the TTP aimed directly at China as a strategic objective. It was a creation of the American “deep state” that historically has transnationalized its economy and that has stopped being comfortable with outsourcing to China, when it became unstoppable by its own. Barack Obama had left everything in order for the economies of the entire global Pacific basin, from Latin America and even Western Europe, to claim the economic leadership of the United States. But Donald Trump appears, abandons the treaty and sets out on the adventure of attracting “quality American jobs” to the dismembered industrial fabric of his country.

Since 2001, China had already called its large-scale economic project: “The new silk route”. It recognizes Asia, Africa and Europe as a single geographical reference, a geoeconomic space, a model to be assembled, energized through the insertion of resources such as infrastructure, financing and opening and strengthening of commercial routes. In 2017, China launches its project of global proportions as a response to the TTP.

But China devotes much more in this year. It opens the way for the breakdown of the hegemony of the US dollar and prepares a new payment system for raw materials, such as oil, in view of the entire world. The petroyuan will have gold support and the reference values ​​will come from the Shanghai stock exchange. China’s real GDP exceeds that of the US.

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While Donald Trump, in clear mismatch of his position as leader of a declining empire, refers to the “economic threat to US interests on the part of China” and is stirring up military tensions in the South China Sea, the scope and The effectiveness of the very consistent and expansive Chinese economy allows it to be placed in the beards of the USA as the second commercial ally of Latin America. According to a report this year by the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC), in 2018 China will overtake the US as the main trade ally of this region.

– Trump loses control and Kim Jong-un acquires nuclear power. The Trump Administration has had to deal with very few political resources with the advent of situations that, like gravity, are inescapable. North Korea has acquired nuclear power and this has been coming for 20 years. For tragedy of the US foreign policy, North Korea reaches this degree of military deterrence just when the most clumsy and stubborn president who has had the gringa policy occupies the Oval Office. The result has been dramatic for Asia and the world, with the increase in declarations, threats and movement of military supplies that have placed the entire globe in a moment of high dangerousness and tension, opening the serious possibility that a conflict of nuclear proportions I could explode.

Kim Jong-un acquires nuclear weapons that could reach the west coast of the US and glorifies fulfilling its promise this year to become a factor of reference strength, after 50 years of economic blockade and US military siege against his country. The White House has responded with the installation of the THAAD Anti-Missile System and has placed South Korea and Japan as military vassals and protectorates to contain a threat that has increased because Washington has not developed mechanisms of political interlocution, since it insists on political of sanctions.

Also, the gringo president can not keep his mouth shut. That Trump uses the television style policy “You’re fired!” or that he believes that the global scene is a strip bar is not only turning out badly for the US. These events could also drag the entire humanity towards disaster.

-Erdogan has gone his way. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, until recently a favorite vassal of the US in the far eastern part of the eurozone and sensitive angle of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), has been openly and surely irreparable from the web of relations with the US. Erdogan has crossed a threshold that placed him playing on the Russian side in Syria and with respect to the Islamic State. He has turned the corner on his relations with Israel and has now become a new official member of the Axis of Evil by overcoming the military coup attempt he suffered in 2016, sponsored by the CIA. Turkey has started a new set of relationships and is rethinking its role in the regional scene. This shift is, in essence, an illustrative element of how the US is losing influence.

Turkey will continue to develop an energy “hinge” policy by becoming the “Ukraine” (traversed by oil and gas pipelines) of Eurasia connecting the Middle East with Europe. It is highly probable that Donald Trump will not be able to locate Turkey on a world map, meanwhile the Erdogan government is taking a role as a sensitive pivot that can negotiate with everyone and make foreign policy at ease. The break between Turkey and the US has the year 2017 as the year of Erdogan as a pragmatic factor par excellence of politics, in a core area of ​​the planet.

– Trump loses in his first year against Nicolás Maduro. After the Bolivarian Revolution was repeatedly tyrannized and the ominous precedent of Barack Obama criminalized Venezuela by declaring it an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to US security, on August 25, 2017, Donald Trump opened a cycle of openly sanctioned sanctions to suffocate and annul the Venezuelan economy.

On the legal basis of the Obama Decree, Trump filed an Executive Order that has served for an accelerated recrudescence of operations surrounding the economic life of Venezuela, in a cycle of high financial vulnerability, by the fall in the price of oil and the Venezuelan dependence of the oil rent.

The White House had Rex Tillerson, former CEO of ExxonMobil, as a key factor (and this is not accidental) in a coup d’état against the oil country, and during 2017 the US sponsored fences against Venezuela from the Organization of American States ( OAS) and in coordination with the European Union. On the other hand, it promoted the development of a “color revolution”, a violent escalation committed by the anti-Chavez factors in Venezuela for months, which left balances in deaths, patrimonial damages and commotion.

But Chavismo managed to disarm the internal conflict, subordinated politics to its adversaries and has managed to sustain itself as a politically legitimate force by organizing and winning three elections in 140 days. Even with an economic adversity in Venezuela, President Nicolás Maduro remains in control against all odds and undoing the forecasts that were on the table in the US. It has turned out to be a very hard nut to crack and this has irritated the White House to the point of taking Donald Trump to the wild and frantic position of threatening military intervention in Venezuela, creating with it what none of his predecessors did since John F. Kennedy: establish a real threat of military conflict hundreds of nautical miles south of Florida. In geopolitical terms, a complete barbarity.

The siege against Venezuela is complex, given that it is also carried out by key regional vassals such as Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, and it presupposes the artifact that relegates Venezuela to become a regional factor of “instability”. On the other hand, Venezuela has managed to develop in the ALBA-Petrocaribe block a key factor in relations that has broken the siege. So much so that the US ordered the creation of the “Lima Group” as an external forum for the OAS to propagate a diplomatic siege that could not be carried out in that institution: an affront to regional politics and something that the US never had to do, because never in decades the Empire lost in key decisions and agreements. These events that took place in 2017 show that Venezuela is a real counterweight factor, consistently real, to the US hegemony in its historic backyard. The expansion of alliances with Russia and China were key in this regard.

Nicolás Maduro ends 2017 as Chavismo’s electoral champion for the presidential elections of 2018 and positions himself internationally from Istanbul, Turkey, to participate in a meeting between the Organization of the Islamic Community (OCI) and the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries ( NAM) which he presides over, to deal with the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. A close to the top for a year of victories for the criminalized Axis of Evil.

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