The ‘Christmas prison pardon’ is a crime against the people


December 28, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Nova Resistencia.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – The numbers vary according to the year and also according to the state. But they spin between 5% and 15%. This is the percentage of Brazilian prisoners who do not return to jail after the temporary Christmas leave. Considering that about 40,000 people receive this “grace” annually, that means that between 2 and 6 thousand criminals are released by the state without having fulfilled their sentence.

When one wants to question the reasons why the Brazilian people have a great sense of impunity, this is one reason. When they want to question the reasons why the Brazilian people sometimes lean toward reactionary political directions, that is one of the reasons. And we’re just talking about the temporary Christmas break. There are several other temporary exits throughout the year, and in all of them, some of the prisoners do not return to jail.

Because if more than 2,000 criminals do not return after the temporary Christmas leave, it is guaranteed that these 2,000 criminals will commit new crimes. And, empirically, this is what happens. Cases can not be cited because cases are numerous. We could, for example, mention recent cases, such as that of the loose element in Sao Paulo who committed a rape on the day of his departure, and who committed another two days later. Until then, he was imprisoned for robbery. 

This is one of the problems of these temporary departures and of those who defend them: they act as if the penal types were as formal professions, vocations, practically chaste. They say that “he who commits heinous crime does not leave.” And? An element who has spent his entire life only committing robberies and robberies can commit robbery, rape, murder, drug trafficking, perhaps for fun, for the emotion of violation of the social norm, for revenge against the society that arrested him , etc.

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The criminal types are not watertight and there are no deep distinctions between those who live off the crime but, so far, have only committed one or another type of crime. In this, however, contrary to what is usually said, the fault is not of the Judiciary. The Judiciary is just keeping the laws. Those responsible for these aberrations are the Legislative and the Executive, who create such possibilities that lead to aberrations such as the fact that Suzana von Richthofen has been granted a temporary exit right on Father’s Day. It is such shameless decisions as blind state bureaucracy does.

The popular demand for justice goes in the opposite direction. The impression is that the authorities really have the hope that a good part of the prisoners will not return as an extreme measure to get rid of the surplus prison population. After all, there have been no more political, judicial and police officers arguing that if police stations and prisons are crowded, the solution is to let everyone in jail be released?

The popular demand for justice aims at the criminal fulfilling his sentence in its fullness, preferably being forced to work for all the time of its fulfillment, instead of living as a parasite at the expense of the people, just waiting for the opportune moment to escape, no return after an exit or be released to commit new crimes.

When you hear of other crimes committed by temporary detainees, you already know: it is the bourgeois state that does not value enough the lives of its citizens.

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