The mayor, the trash and the trash campaign in Venezuela


December 31, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Mision Verdad.

CARACAS, Venezuela – Some of the uncomfortable things that we feared would happen after the triumph of Érika Farías in the mayor’s office of Libertador (Caracas) already began to happen. A matrix has begun to develop that blames the mayor because there is garbage in Caracas. I grab photos of some dantes piles of garbage (which proliferate in a sector that I’ve only been a couple of times, visit, so it’s a lie that the rubbish in that place hurts or worries or cares for me), I publish them and They gave them the legend: “Two weeks in power and has not solved the problem.” More down: “It’s not two weeks, because the PSUV has been governing Caracas for years.” And below the scabrous reaction: “Oh yes, surely if I had won your candidate there would be no trash in Caracas”. And there we go, through that ravine of useless, artificial and sterile confrontation that we build in a ridiculous discursive campaign, immature to the balls, irresponsible.

It might be worthwhile to stop to talk about the real problem of solid waste (let’s call it “garbage”, so ordered by the industrial capitalism that we called it) from the correct owners: the problem is not solved by picking up the garbage but by not producing it . That is to say, it is not a matter that we solve the citizens (on account of what I am going to take care of collecting garbage to capitalism? Does the citizen produce garbage? Do you know of any person who shits plastic?) But the State and the Corporations: If those two bugs do not agree to stop producing garbage or with a million trucks that pick it up, it will solve the problem.

About 95% of garbage are containers, boxes and bags: paper, metal, plastic and glass that have no other mission but to contain or wrap merchandise. Materials that last a few seconds, minutes or days in the hands of consumers and then go to a street container, nature or the street. The trucks come and collect them, and we dream of a fantasy world in which there are enough trucks to collect the more than 5 thousand tons of garbage that Caracas produces daily; It happens that those trucks are going to have to throw it somewhere, and there where the boat is going to remain trash. The garbage does not disappear: it accumulates or becomes something else that is generally more polluting and purulent.

But at this point it is useless to talk about it. We have suspended the discussion of the structural enemy issue because the daily urgencies occupy our minds and physical energy in other more immediate matters. It is said by someone who will continue to spread truths about and from that tale of the Mining Arc, which is a capitalist issue (like oil exploitation) but that will finance us (as oil exploitation has done) the continuation of anti-capitalist experiments.

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The anti-capitalist discourse of a lot of people has been reduced at this point to fuck the Government. Few really want to solve the garbage problem; what some people who are poisoned by the last campaign want is that the problem grows and is visible to have with which to accuse the mayor and the PSUV. It’s revenge: you applied it to my candidate, now I apply it to your mayor. And they will do it in the name of Chavez, as in the name of Chavez, others will defend the mayor and the PSUV.

What we are witnessing is the childhood of an annoying monster that the Chavistas have incubated and generated in recent months. That monstrous ladilla has to become the most efficient electoral counter-campaign with which the next candidate of the fascist far right to the mayoralty of Caracas will count. Because the ultra right will once again participate in municipal elections and we already start to campaign, throwing shit between us and accusing us of being the culprits of phenomena that are incubating for centuries.

Fascism will win the elections because we will take care to tell everyone that we are incapable of governing and even discuss with height. But do not think that then the motives and fuel of our confrontations will disappear: when we lose we will not join forces in the resistance but we will dedicate years, decades and perhaps centuries to the monumental task of blaming ourselves for rejecting the possibility of making a Revolution from the Government.

Merry Christmas, then. Remember to throw the garbage in the containers and bins: when the truck picks it up and this garbage will not exist (at least for your eyes and your nose will not exist). So go to another place near or far from your house; Wherever there will be a lot of garbage that will serve to throw bullshit to the Chavez mayor that you have decided to destroy. The servants of the United States, and the United States government itself, will thank you.

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