The political plot behind the sex scandals in Hollywood


December 26, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Mision Verdad.

CARACAS, Venezuela – Magnates of entertainment made in California are falling out of favor since the New York Times and The New Yorker published two separate reports in October this year involving Harvey Weinstein, a film and television producer, in serious sex scandals related to Hollywood actresses.

Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashley Judd are some of the film and television actresses who gave testimony to prop up the fall of Weinstein after years filled with silence. They accused the producer of trying to take advantage of them sexually for favors received in their film careers, and even harassment.

The scandals isolated Weinstein while at the same time other voices accused other celebrities and characters linked to their environments. Even powerful businessmen from Silicon Valley, the new rich Americans, have been forced to resign to top management positions in billion-dollar companies due to sexual accusations of all kinds.

So the Weinstein effect has brought with it a lot of chips in the entertainment business, finance, media and the new technology industry to the rejection of public opinion.

Why, after so many decades of silence surrounding sex crimes in the US film industry, does it explode in the last quarter of 2017?

The policy behind, always

The Mexican geopolitical analyst Alfredo Jalife-Rahme provides an explanation of the facts. In a recent column, he reviews the Weinstein case and mentions his connections, especially with the political enemies of President Donald Trump.

The fall of the Hollywood producer also meant that a lot of politicians linked to the Democratic Party. Weinstein was responsible for raising a lot of money for the Democrats, especially for the presidential candidacies of Barack Obama, with whom he has a great relationship, and Hillary Clinton.

David Walsh, from the World Socialist Web Site, has some interesting facts: in 2012 television and the film and music industry contributed 81% of the funding to the Democrats, while in 2016 they contributed to the Hillary Clinton campaign with 23 , 6 million dollars, compared to 1.2 million dollars to Bernie Sanders and only 388 thousand dollars to Trump.

The connection of Weinstein and other characters from the entertainment and communication industries with Democratic politicians, says Jalife, “benefits Trump -who was about to lose the candidacy of the rotten Republican Party for its manual lack of control with women- and harms the Party Democrat in one of his main hieratic feuds (his ‘Sacred Forest’: Hollywood) and muddies the Clintons (Bill, Hillary and his daughter Chelsea) and the couple Obama (Barack and Michelle).”

Others who are not saved from the sexual accusations are “the leader of the minority in the Senate, the Israeli-American Chuck Schumer and the supposedly immaculate Senator Elizabeth Warren,” the Mexican scholar also reports.

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By the scandals, the actress Rose McGowan was censured by Twitter when denouncing to Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and The Washington Post, like promoter of the pedophilia and the sexual crimes in Hollywood next to Weinstein and company.

Faced with this, Jalife asks rhetorically: “Will the powerful GAFAT (abbreviations that designate Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter) be involved in the protection of the Hollywood sex-criminal network?”

And the analyst continues: “It highlights the legal shielding of the omnipotent circularity of the financial trinomial / entertainment / media that had the luxury of hiding the skeptic losses of Harvey Weinstein for almost half a century, according to The New York Times.” A question that seems the most paradoxical, since many of the women who gave testimony said that the sexual depravations of certain groups within the American film industry were “an open secret” and well financed.

The Clintons, who through their foundation, have received a lot of money from the run-down producer, have not wanted to testify on the matter, and the more pro-Democrat and anti-Trump media such as the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) decided to do mutis for the forum around the case.

On the other hand, “the anti-Zionist media have exploited the public ostentation of Harvey Weinstein as’ Zionist ‘and’ lover of Israel. ‘A controversy has been unleashed about it, and even a’ Jewish ‘portal has sharply criticized the conduct’ sectarian ‘by Harvey Weinstein, “says Jalife.

“It seems like Trump’s revenge against his Hollywood nemesis,” he says, but notes an incongruity of interests: “Regardless of whether it benefits Trump – it’s enough to observe the frantic diffusion of Steve Bannon’s Breitbart portal, more Trumpian than Trump himself – but It does not fit that the erotic serial perversity of filmmaker Harvey Weinstein was published by The New York Times, an almost publicist attached to the Democratic Party, where George Soros’ cabal has enormous influence.

What follows are questions: “Adjustment of accounts between Israeli-American groups when the interests of the Netanyahu / Adelson duo, supreme allies of Trumpian supremacism, collide, against those of Soros, the most anti-Trumpian confessed on the planet and one of whose presumed subjects in Mexico demanded the public murder of Trump? “.

“Haemorrhagic adjustment of accounts within the Israeli-American ‘liberalism’, where even Bob, brother and ‘partner’ of Harvey Weinstein, demands his beheading? Bloodthirsty rupture within the Soros group? Soon it will be known.”

It is no secret to the keen observers of US policy that there are serious contradictions in the elite, power clashes that produce this kind of purges, promoted above all by the influential actors of the US president, who at a delicate political moment in the that some in the Democratic Party – and also in the Republican Party – are asking for his head, in the midst of a reconfiguration of forces in the institutions of the government of the United States.

However, as Professor Jalife-Rahme insinuates at the end of his analysis, this struggle that every citizen, not only the American but the world, can see live and just begins: “Sodom and Gomorrah, from the paleo narrative -biblical, it seems like a fairy tale compared to Hades (the Greek underworld) stinking Hollywood where the explosive sex-scandal of Harvey Weinstein is only his modern tip of iceberg.

Because, for the Western elite, the show must continue.

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