The urban space must be retaken by the People


December 29, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Nova Resistencia.

RIO DE JANEIRO – In his book Walk of Fame, Henry David Thoreau presents us with a very particular vision as we turn to the natural spaces (forests, marshes, marshes).

In parallel with the aforementioned work, and taking into account their particularities, we can say that we must reintegrate ourselves into the spaces of our daily life, be they squares (in our neighborhoods), parks in our cities, nature reserves, ecological parks, grocery stores and businesses in our neighborhood, making these points of community light amid the atomizing barbarism that liberal hegemony throws us day after day.

When families return to the squares and parks, taking advantage of their benefits in terms of leisure or as a place of locomotion, we will be retaking the spaces that today have been taken by violence, degradation and the lack of public administration.

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By making use of our neighborhood and our neighborhood, consuming locally, taking care of our streets and the neighborhood as a whole, we will also be taking up these same spaces of daily fear, present in most of the cities of our country, controlling small areas, as in an initial project of taking possession of territories today in the hands of parasites (who profit from the application of the social engineering of terror).

It is necessary to withdraw the people from the alienating confinement imposed by liberal hegemony, which makes us prisoners of our own walls, which makes us allergic to human contact and community relationship.

We must, as an act of resistance, progressively take possession of what has been amputated.

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