The way the world is dominated; revealing the keys of world power – a review


December 18, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Descifrando la Guerra.

MADRID, Spain – Cicero said that “the search and meticulous investigation of the truth should be the field of priority study of man.” It might seem that today, in a globalized world like ours, where telecommunications have reached such a level of development that it is possible to know what happens in the other corner of the world in a moment. Such investigation of the truth is a simple task. Nothing is further from reality however…

Today we are victims of a massive bombardment of information, much of it unverified and clearly biased, which prevents us from seeing the reality of our world. A complex reality, full of ins and outs where the interests of the different states and other actors govern the future of our societies. And this is where the world dominates This is a book in which the Colonel of the Army Pedro Baños brings us closer to the science of geopolitics, and reveals the keys to that world power that extends its tentacles to reach all the corners of the planet.

Positive and negative points

This way the world is dominated is a book of geopolitics, but what is geopolitics? Baños defines it as “the activity that is developed with the purpose of influencing the affairs of the international sphere, understanding this exercise as the aspiration of influence on a global scale, while avoiding being influenced”. Well, the work covers a wide range of actions undertaken by geopolitics, from the economic war, to the control of the media.

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This section should be highlighted, since the manipulation methods used by the different state and non-state actors are specified to influence the population’s thinking. It also introduces the concept of “multimentira” to the detriment of “posverdad” to explain the action of the media; Without a doubt, this section is a revelation for those who are not aware of this reality.

The author also attaches great importance to History as a subject, endorsing the phrase “who does not know his history is condemned to repeat it.” Pedro Baños exemplifies this idea by illustrating various sections with historical examples, thus facilitating the reader’s understanding.

What do we think in Deciphering the War of ‘This is how the world is dominated’?

From Deciphering the War we can only recommend this work in which Colonel Baños is ambitious before the difficult task of synthesizing the complex puzzle that is our world. This work will not leave the reader indifferent and will invite you to rethink what kind of world you live in, helping you to think for yourself. Something, clearly, commendable.

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