Tillerson: The only way for Russia to avoid sanctions is to give up the Crimea


December 7 , 2017 – FRN – 

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Politnavigator – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

The Ukrainian problem is the only real obstacle to the normalization of relations between the US and Russia, said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

He noted that disagreements on other issues, for example, on Syria, are quite permissible, but “when one country invades the territory of another, it is difficult for us to ignore what happened and achieve reconciliation.”

Earlier at the OSCE meeting in Vienna, Tillerson said that the US would uphold anti-Russian sanctions until the Russian Federation transferred control over Crimea to Ukraine and “withdrew its forces from the Donbass.”

According to Tillerson, “Russian aggression in Ukraine remains the greatest threat to European security.”

Well hang on, was the US not the one that instigated the coup in the first place? 

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