Top seven things foreigners are struck by while in Russia


December 9, 2017 – FRN – 

- Advertisement - – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

A publication has collated a list of top seven things that foreigners were most struck by during their time in Russia. 

1) First of all, the presence of shops, banks, bars and pharmacies that are open 24 hours a day. Everyone knows that in Europe, supermarkets or banks often do not work on Sundays, and on weekdays they close very early. This lenient attitude towards customers in Russia is very popular with foreigners.

2) Dashboard cams. In Europe they are not so popular, but in Russia, they are commonly used as insurance evidence in case of road accidents – thanks to this device, the Chelyabinsk meteorite was also captured! 

3) When Russians say something is “close by.” If in Russia 800km is a short distance, which can be travelled by airplane in 4 hours or by train in one and a half days, then this same distance for a European is equivalent to the crossing of three countries!

“800km in Russia – close. 

800km in Europe – very far.”

4) Personal space. Russians are noted to be very sociable and when waiting in queues, they can easily offer advice to the next person on any subject. And the rest of the queue will consider this absolutely normal.

5) Doors. Why do Russians need so many doors, metal and wooden? Foreigners are accustomed to having transparent doors everywhere, while Russians prefer to protect their lives from interference, and it also helps to protect the house from noise and keep it warm.

“Building entrance – apartment entrance” (double doors)  

6) So much tea. Russians drink a lot of tea, they even manage to surpass their British rivals of tea drinkers. The Russians have tea for breakfast, lunch they finish off with tea, also dinner, and of course dessert pie is necessarily complimented with tea.

7) Finally, making the number seven spot, is the Russian love of superstition. Don’t whistle in the house. Going on vacation? Sit down “for the road.” Did a black cat cross your path? Spit three times over your shoulder. And many many others! Foreigners are fascinated by such a quivering attitude of Russians towards their traditions, which are not seen in other countries. 

In our view, there’s many more cultural and ideological particularities besides the top seven. You just have to go and see!

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