Trump sent Putin intelligence, averting terrorist attack in Russia


December 17, 2017 – FRN – 

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RIA News – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

On Sunday evening, Vladimir Putin held a telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump and thanked the American leader for the information provided by the CIA, which helped to detect and detain terrorists who were preparing explosions in St. Petersburg, the presidential press service said.

The telephone conversation took place on the initiative of the Russian side, the press service noted.

“The President of the Russian Federation thanked his American counterpart for the information transmitted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States, which helped to get to detect and detain a group of terrorists who were preparing explosions in the Kazan Cathedral of St. Petersburg, as well as in other public places in the city,” in the press service.

Information received from the CIA, the president noted, was sufficient to detect, search for and detain criminals.

Putin asked Trump to convey his gratitude to the director of the CIA and the intelligence officers who received this information.

The Russian president assured the American leader that “the Russian special services, when they receive information regarding terrorist threats against the United States and their citizens, will undoubtedly and without delay transfer it to their American colleagues through partner channels,” the press service said. This was in fact done prior to the Boston bomber incident – except it was ignored by the US authorities.

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