TUE’s – Meet this Skier from Norway, taking a stand against Russian doping


December 10th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 
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Meet Norwegian Skier Marit Bjorgen. Since 2009, she has been authorized under the western sanctioned TUE program, in which the US controlled IOC and WADA allows NATO countries and allies, to take steroids for asthma, for example.

Of course, these are steroids beyond Clenbuterol and more commonly Albuterol, which certainly are excellent fat reduction and muscle preservation agents. The use of these, however, would eliminate any Russian athlete for ‘doping’.

No signs of doping, move along. 

But Clenbuterol and Albuterol are among common steroids prescribed for Asthma. A person with a more severe case of Asthma than Clenbuterol, for example, could help with, would be using such to barely ‘get by’. So this raises some questions. 

What are TUE’s? Last week, we reported on this one magic loophole‘ that allows NATO allied athletes to dope, legally: 

TUE’s – How Americans dope and get away with it

There are few crimes in sports greater than doping without a license. Hopefully the IOC’s moves will teach Russia an important lesson about allowing their athletes to dope without a license, the sorts only given to NATO and friends’ athletes.

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To be an Olympic skier with crippling asthma that even the potent Clenbuterol can’t handle, and are forced to use steroids with the ‘undersirable’ and purely innocent, unplanned side effect of massive muscle development and pronounced virilization of the face, vascularization, and a body fat percentage hovering around 10%, would seem to disqualify one not just from the Olympics, but any strenuous activity, especially in long bursts.

No doping here either, stop staring. 

Clenbuterol is known to cause muscle growth in other mammals with more pronounced Beta-3 receptors, which human beings generally lack. Clenbuterol acts upon Beta-2 receptors in humans to hold onto muscle mass, while engaged in fat reduction. It does so by telling the body to metabolize fat before muscle, when in a caloric deficit. It is popular for body builders in their cutting phase, even though it is universally not associated with mass building. But Clenbuterol is the closest thing for a steroid for asthma, which is known to have a side effect relating to muscle growth or retention in some way. 

Other steroids for asthma are Beclomethasone, Budesonide, Budesonide/Formoterol, Fluticasone, Salmeterol, Mometason, Mometasone, and formoterol. None of these are associated with muscle growth, let alone massive muscle growth and trans-gender therapy approaching levels of virilization. 

These are not associated with muscle growth for several reasons, but among them is that they are inhaled to the lungs instead of injected into the body. What happens when they, or a designer derivative, is injected into the body, is not known to this author.  

The science of hiding doping is such that derivatives of these steroids may test as being in fact those TUE approved steroids, when rather there is a slight molecular change to these, which gives a different effect such as robust muscle growth. It boils down to plausible deniability, and politics.

What also could be the case is that something is being used on the athletes that is a slightly altered from a family of known muscle building steroids, such as Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate), and is ‘designed’ to be overshadowed or cloaked by the presence of one of the above ‘sanctioned’ steroids (which non-NATO athletes are nevertheless barred from using). 

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Marit says she is absolutely against Russian athletes at the Olympics who use steroids.

She has spoken prolifically and eloquently that the dignity of the Olympics must be preserved from Russian athletes attempting to ‘cheat the system’ by doping … without a license.

Clearly the world needs more role models willing to stand up to the hypocrisy of the modern world, and against Russian tyranny, as Marit Bjorgen does.

What motivates Bjorgen’s crusade, as she shows children around the world with asthma, that they too don’t have to let go of their dreams, despite their crippling ailment?

Never again! In 2005/2006 Bjørgen finished the distance standings in fourth place, 108 points behind Russia’s Julija Tchepalova.

After this humiliating defeat to a clearly juiced, doped, and roid-ridden machine like Tchepalova (sarcasm alert), see photo below, Bjørgen swore to close the gap and train full natty + some unrelated asthma medication – so that Ivan Drago inspired human roid monsters who are clearly connected to Russia, would never win again.

Clearly juiced, Russian doping athlete, Julija Tchepalova

Russian athletes should know that if a connection with Russia can be established, they will be barred from the games. That’s why Russian athletes will indeed be allowed to compete, if they disavow ties with the Russian state and team – which is actually, no sarcasm – what the shocking and ‘not in the least hypocritical’, IOC announcement last week in fact stipulates.

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