Tymoshenko: There are already thousands of Putin’s agents in Kiev


December 19, 2017 – FRN – 

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Politnavigator – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

“In Kiev, there are tens of thousands of people who will support the Russian troops if they suddenly appear in the Ukrainian capital, as it was in 2014 in the Crimea.” Such fears weer aired on the Ukrainian ICTV channel by former Prime Minister, Yulia Tymoshenko.

She stressed that she condemns the Saakashvili riots, who recently tried to seize the October Palace. 

“I condemn the excitement in the country at a time when such behaviour can be taken advantage of, by the country-occupier in three minutes. We have tens of thousands today in Kiev, people walking in civilian clothes, who are exactly the same green men as they were in the Crimea, which is also how the seizure of Donbass began. And it’s very scary”, said Tymoshenko.

The presenter asked her to clarify whether there are tens of thousands of Russian soldiers in Kiev.

“These are civilians, but the moment the command is given,  these tens of thousands, in fact, will join in the seizure of Kiev, “said Tymoshenko.

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