Ukraine cries foul over third-party sale of “contraband coal” from Donetsk and Lugansk


December 17, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Novorosinform, translated by Tom Winter-

Ukrainian embassies to warn eight countries about the risk of illegal supplies of coal from the Donbass.

Kiewv. In Ukraine, they are sounding the alarm about the increase in coal supplies from the Donbass republics to the EU market. The Ukrainian edition of, citing data from Russian Railways and the Russian Customs Service, reports that in November 2017 about 280 thousand tons were exported from Russia to Europe — tons of coal from Donbass, which is 18.6%, or about 44 thousand tons, more than in October this year (about 236 thousand tons).

The largest exporters of Donbass coal are companies controlled by businessman Sergey Kurchenko, who is on the wanted list in Ukraine.

Also in November, the Russian anthracite company, belonging to Alexander Germanov, also exported large quantities of anthracite (more than 32 thousand tons). He, according to the terrorist site Peacemaker, in 2014 was the leader of the “separatists” in Rovenki and Antratsit. At the same time, several Russian coal traders called the real beneficiary Alexander Melnichuk, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Lugansk Peoples Republic.

“Melnichuk directly owns the company Coal Technologies, which in November exported 12,700 tons of anthracite. Anthracite Alexandra Nosko and Global Invest Andrey Malyuchenko are among the largest suppliers,” the material says.

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Also, Russian Railways data show that Russia has sharply increased supplies of anthracite from Donbass to Poland since October. In particular, in October 31,600 tons wre delivered, in November – 22,200 tons, whereas in September only 4,300 tons.

Recall, the Polish firm TD Anthracite, previously found purchasing coal from the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic, is reselling it to other EU countries.

The supply of large quantities of coal from the republics of Donbass was previously announced by Polish Minister of Energy Krzysztof Thuzhevsky.

Earlier, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine sent a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a request through the Ukrainian embassies to warn eight countries about the risk of illegal supplies of coal from the Donbass.

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