US’s ‘ban’ plot backfires as Russian Olympians are set to compete


December 12th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 
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Some real 4GW going on here …

Today’s announcement, reported by TAS, by the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) athletes’ commission chair Sofya Velikaya, that the Russian Olympic team would indeed be competing as ‘individuals under a neutral flag’, came as a surprise to the US led NATO establishment. The row has sparked a global controversy over a level of politicization of the Olympics unseen since the height of the Cold War. 

In what legal experts have pointed to as a contradiction, the original allegations used by the IOC to justify the banning of an entire team, were in fact found to be unsubstantiated in the final full report issued by the organization in connection with its ban ruling, mirroring ambiguities from the Wada report. This much hasn’t gone unnoticed by the international community. 

As a result, the contentious IOC move has been viewed as a form of collective punishment. Rather than the desired effect of isolating Russia geopolitically, it has drawn attention to the US’s hypocritical use of Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE’s) by its team. 

Under this program, as we highlighted in our viral articles  “TUE’s – How Americans Dope and get away with it“,  

;and , 

TUE’s – Meet this Skier from Norway, taking a stand against Russian doping“, American and NATO ally countries’ teams are allowed to use otherwise banned PE’s (performance enhancers) as well as banned medications known to cloak the presence of PE’s in screenings, so long as they have a doctor’s note. 

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Falling for the Kremlin’s cunning plan

The IOC announcement was met by what appears to be a carefully orchestrated Kremlin plot, to mobilize its media and supporters into a viral hashtag campaign, using tags like #NoRussiaNoGames, and #BoycottOlympics2018. This led the US’s Cold War 2.0 strategists to believe that the ROC, or even Putin himself, would publicly encourage athletes not to attend. This reaction would have, in their apparent thinking, even further alienated and ostracized the Russian brand from the rest of the world. 

By miscalculating how Russians understand critical questions of both dignity and identity, the IOC ban was aimed to force Russia to reflexively ‘boycott’ the games – thus turning both athletes and the public against its government. As the telegraph reported last June, Putin will be going into the upcoming 2018 election with an approval rating on international affairs, somewhere above 80%. The apparent Kremlin orchestrated media campaign trolled western media and analysts into believing their strategic move was well conceived, causing them to double down, and to push past the point of no return. 

Exemplifying this western chauvinism and Russophobia, which on all counts entirely misunderstands the contemporary Russian psyche, the notorious fake news billionaire blog known to its dwindling readership as ‘the Guardian’, went so far as to claim:

“Partly, Russia’s obsession with the Olympics medals table is a legacy of the Soviet mania for achievements and records. But there is also another reason, which is that modern Russia has had precious little to celebrate over the past generation, during which the Soviet Union collapsed and many Russians found themselves consumed by social, economic and existential woes. Putin’s presidency has been about trying to restore a sense of pride to Russia, and any sense of being a “winning” nation is a precious feeling in a country that has had little to cheer about in recent years. The idea of winning became very important.”

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Of course, the US has no obsession with winning the Olympics, which is why the idea of winning is of so little importance that the US team doesn’t seek out TUE’s for all of its players to win by cheating. They don’t even game the rules, they write them. Going so far down the rabbit hole of cheating to win that they’ve in fact legalized it when they do it, is of course entirely disconnected from victory obsession. Ditto the rewriting of WWII, where Private Ryan may have even liberated Auschwitz, and Brad Pitt successfully assassinated Hitler.  

Out of sight, out of mind – but not so fast

With Russians boycotting the Olympics, besides the internal dissent it would have contributed to, the lack of a Russian presence for most viewers would have been a matter of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. 

But with a Russian team present, under a neutral flag, and winning medals – the majority of the world’s denizens already split over their attitudes towards US global hegemony in many spheres of life, will be reminded of the clearly hypocritical and politicized framing of the games themselves. This won’t bode well for the US’s shaky image, moving forward. 

Moreover, how the ban itself will be presented, that is, in the actual felt presentation, is still to be resolved. Russia is already floating the position that athletes will be able to wear upon their uniform, words to the effect of ‘Russian Athlete’, or ‘Independent Athlete from the Russian Federation’. Without their national colors, wearing only Olympic white, again the entire intent on the side of the US may be entirely reversed, even turned on its head. 

This allows for some controlled chaos to ensue

We can now imagine that Russian athletes, on the podium, standing next to clearly ‘enhanced’ US athletes, will carry with them an air of dignity in the face of adversity, and will be reminiscent of African-American athletes iconic raising of the first at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. 

And that raises the question – what will prohibit podium bound Russian athletes from pulling out a flag of the Russian Federation during the honors? Or even that of the Soviet Union? Will the US attempt to have the IOC consider these ‘hate symbols’?

Because the Russian national team itself is not there as a responsible party, it cannot be sanctioned for such a move. For athletes set to retire after the 2018 games, there will be no mechanism which prohibits them from being what they are – independent individuals. 

In every event that a US athlete places 2nd or 3rd to an ‘Independent Russian Olympic Athlete’, the symbolism and aforementioned backfiring will be tripled. 

All in all, today’s announcement by Sofya Velikaya of the ROC makes the Russian counter-offensive nearly complete. With the Russian public, and the world, previously convinced that there was a high chance that Russian athletes wouldn’t compete at all, today’s news is more than a few pegs above the once lowered expectations.

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