VICE comes out swinging at Fort Russ News, here’s what we think


December 9th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
– by Joaquin Flores – Please Support Flores’ Patreon! 


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Sometimes this gets so predictable –  I’m reminded here about those living in glass homes being advised not to throw stones.

The Murdoch and Disney owned fake news ‘billionaire blog’, VICE News, came out swinging against our independent media outlet, Fort Russ, as we continue to make the establishment shake in its boots.


We’re not even going to get into how Vice News is a standard beltway publication posing as something hip and fresh, for that much sought after 35-55 age demographic – specifically those who are aspirationally  younger – still deluding themselves into believing they are 21 year old skateboarders with a bottomless trust-fund. Never ending reads about globe-trot for thrills at passe 1990’s era party/drug destinations.  Oh really, Ibiza again? Burning Man? We’re not exaggerating. But we’re not going there.

In their latest hit piece against Fort Russ, they fall over themselves ridiculing our editorial line that the US’s efforts to ban Russia from the 2018 Olympics were intended to shame Russia. Of course ours is a ridiculous idea, because never before in history have geopolitical rivalries or political crises had any influence on Olympic participation or outcomes. Except for 1956, 1964, 1968, 1972, 1976, 1980, 1984, and 1988. So there’s that.

What we’ve also said, is that this move will surely backfire – and western press is coming around to this fact also. Yes, we’d get beat up if we were wrong, but nothing’s worse than being right.

But friends, readers, supporters, family – yes. This is far from the first time that the establishment has punitively lashed out against our paper. With a growing daily reach, and a growing presence in all spheres of social media – we’re making an impact. It’s no wonder that the Washington Post named us on their list of ‘fake news’ offenders. It’s no wonder they had us on their short list of a dozen or so chief offenders, compiled – get this – by the Ukrainian NGO, PropOrNot.




Yeah, our website is promoted by ‘Kremlin linked accounts’ – whatever that means.

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They base this vague but nevertheless defamatory smear, by using their very serious sounding ‘Hamilton68’ ™ matrix, run by a US funded ‘think-tank’ which hosts its materials on an extremely hard to read and shoddy blog, called Alliance for Securing Democracy‘. Basically if you look at the about section, they refuse to operationalize their terms for this ‘Hamilton’ matrix clearly, or to name the actual twitter accounts they track.

But going on what they say, ‘Kremlin linked accounts’ are just accounts that have tweeted things sympathetic somehow to Russia. Given that the legacy media cacophony somehow lines up and follows their orders when it comes to encircling and weakening Russia on the military, geopolitical, and cultural fronts – it may have slipped the minds of a few greased-palmed establishment neoliberals that avoiding nuclear holocaust and broadening mutual understanding might be a good thing. Just maybe.

And here we thought their accusation was something more concrete. But based on the non-stop degeneration of American news talking points, ‘Kremlin linked’ seems to be about as meaningful as ‘links to Russia’.

Our viral piece – TUE’s: How Americans Dope and get away with it – read by hundreds of thousands and with a continued reach of god only knows how many more moving forward – certainly required that VICE be called in to do a little dirty work. But in the end, just driving more traffic our way probably wasn’t what they had in mind.

Busted – Russian Olympic Committee unmarked offices are actually HQ’d in Moscow, where the Kremlin is.


So where’s the beef? As we have said, the IOC is highly concerned that the Russian national team has links to Russia. Based on evidence they’ve scrutinized, they believe they’ve made a bullet proof case that this is indeed so. After all, both the Russian Federation and the Russian Olympic Committee are headquartered in Moscow, which is where Vladimir Putin spends much of his time, and where the Kremlin is also located.

Oh VICE – why didn’t they just stick to doing the same article again about Venice Beach skateboard subculture in the early 80’s, or the sex life of the young Tony Hawk?

Part of the deal of being bought out by Murdoch and Disney was having to soft-peddle fetish consumerism and imperialism. Really, even in its heyday, there were much better pubs out there like Adbusters.

Well, VICE – thanks for the slander attempt, all that happened was an uptick in readership. As they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Especially for VICE – the dolts – their own occasional readers are out there looking for the next big thrill – and nothing thrills more than the forbidden fruit of ‘Kremlin linked’ agents at Fort Russ News. Gosh, that’s almost sexy.

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Joaquin Flores is Editor-in-Chief of Fort Russ News, as well as the Director of the Belgrade based think-tank, the Center for Syncretic Studies. He was educated at California State University, Los Angeles, in the field of International Relations. He previously served as Chief Negotiator and Internal Organizer in several jurisdictions for the SEIU labor union in California. Flores has twenty years experience in community, labor, and anti-war organizing.  Flores has appeared innumerable times on Iran’s ‘PressTV’ and Russia’s ‘RT’ news to share his expert opinion and analysis on current geopolitical matters.


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