WATCH as the extremely eccentric Zhirinovsky announces his presidential candidature


December 21, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopouloa

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MOSCOW, Russia – Leader of LDPR (formerly Liberal Democratic Party of Russia) Vladimir Zhirinovsky announced his decision to run in the 2018 Russian presidential elections for the sixth time at the party’s headquarters in Moscow on Wednesday.

The candidacy of the 71-year old politician was backed by all 100 of the party delegates.

Addressing the party delegates, Zhirinovsky said, “I will run in the presidential elections for the sixth time. Do you understand how much work it involves?” He went on to say, “Democrats tried to make it work, they failed. They lacked experience, and they didn’t know how to do things. Today we have conservatives. They don’t succeed in everything. Tens of thousands of people are not satisfied. So we count on the votes of all unsatisfied citizens, who will now have hope that with the new president their life will get better.”

Zhirinovsky is the first politician to officially enter the presidential campaign after the election date of March 18 was confirmed by the Russian Federation Council last week. His first race was in 1991, when he lost to Boris Yeltsin.

One of his more famous escapades includes being drunk in Iraq prior to the US invasion in 2003 and calling US President George W Bush a cowboy and saying how they US military will be crushed in Iraq.

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