WATCH as thousands chant “death to Israel” in Hezbollah’s stronghold of south Beirut


December 12, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

BEIRUT, Lebanon – Thousands marched on Beirut’s streets on Monday as part of a Hezbollah-organised rally against US President Donald Trump’s Jerusalem declaration. 

Secretary General of the Hezbollah group Hassan Nasrallah made a televised speech during the protest, during which he called for a third Palestinian intifada.

Thousands of people waving Lebanese, Palestinian, Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah flags attended the march calling for the “death of Israel”.

Iran, Syria and Hezbollah comprise of the Axis of Resistance that resists Israel and imperialism in the Middle East and are at the forefront of helping the Palestinians.

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The rally was held in the south Beirut suburb of Dahieh, a Hezbollah stronghold in the Lebanese capital.

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