West in panic: Putin takes control of the Middle East


December 20, 2017 – FRN – 

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Rusvesna – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

Vladimir Putin has long been ‘haunted’ by Western political scientists, experts, analysts and other personalities. They attempt to expose the ‘tyrant of the 21st century’. Without realising it, they only make him more popular.

For example, during Putin’s latest trip to the Middle East, France’s channel ARTE held a boisterous discussion on the establishment of Russia’s relations with countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt, which “only yesterday” were considered partners of Washington.

The journalist of the TV channel Nadia Daam said that Syria allegedly “did not satisfy Putin’s appetite and he was attracted by heavyweights like Turkey and Egypt.” She drew attention to the fact that last week an agreement was signed in Cairo on the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Egypt, and paid close attention to the purchase of S-400 complexes by Ankara.

A professor of the Institute for Political Studies Sciences Po Cyril Bre, in turn, acknowledged that Vladimir Putin’s tour of the Middle East is a real victory on all fronts. She also recalled that it was the Kremlin’s position that was supported in the framework of the OPEC Plus agreement, which actually regulates oil prices.

And the Libération journalist, a specialist on Russia, Veronica Dorman, focused on the fact that allegedly Vladimir Putin sees only the US and Russia as the main players in international relations and he wants the Russian Federation to be recognized as a major power.

“So every time when America surrenders a position or gives the impression that it surrenders positions, he rushes to this emptiness and takes it under control,” Dorman summed up.

Such a “standard” discussion about Vladimir Putin by European specialists is excellent proof of how the West is trying to humiliate the head of the Kremlin, but it turns out to the contrary.

Political scientists, journalists, and specialists on Russia only emphasize the fact that for Putin neither the US nor any other country is a hindrance. The goal is to develop Russia, with Western sticks in his wheels, that he is simply  inclined to ignore.

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