What Trump is up to in Cuba


December 11, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from La Pupila Insomne

HAVANA, Cuba – It is as if you are going through a crossroads. His statements from Miami seemed to tell us that he would dismantle all of Obama’s policy toward Cuba.

But rather it seems to be in a struggle with itself, what it dismantles and what does not.

Undoubtedly he is doing things that greatly demean the policy toward Cuba. But the idea that he would return to the cold war with Cuba does not seem to unfold it completely. The issue of visits and emigration of Cubans has entered with extreme aggression, but it does not impede flights, it does not affect remittances or packages, and cruise travel seems to be undergoing a resuscitation process. I think the enthusiasm of the recent meeting about it is not casual. Cruises arrive almost every day.

Tourism to Cuba continues to grow and the flirtation of capital with the Island remains active. Rather, they seem to be opening spaces for business with Cuba, although always threatened by the obstacles of the blockade that does not stop, the impossibility of using the dollar and the continuing threat of sanctioning those who dare to enter into business with the Island.

An interesting sign is that the far right with the only thing that was felt was the president’s speech in Miami, which was very aggressive. Regarding the subsequent actions against Cuba, they have always expressed their disagreement with what the president is doing, considering it insufficient.

I think the president gave them a gift to be left alone. Well, the harassment of Marco Rubio was brutal. But it is very difficult to believe that “Trump has bought the package from Cuba to the extreme right of Miami.” Well, that extreme right has nothing to give any American president.

I do not think Trump thinks that they can be returned to Cuba. He may seem crazy, but he is not stupid. That time has passed. And eleven presidents did not succeed, when they had almost everything to do it. While today, the world has turned in favor of Cuba and against the United States. And the extreme right of Miami does not exhibit the political strength that it had before, nor the public that followed it either.

Rather Trump seems to be living some crossroads that tend to bother him enough.

I do not think that his proven businessmen mentality is allowing him to break all potential ties with Cuba. He is smart enough to know that he would not win anything and that he could be missing out on very good opportunities.

Trump resorts to the accusation of the so-called sonic attack against the diplomatic personnel of the embassy in Havana, rather moving it as a justification to keep the policy toward Cuba on hold. Well, no one has been able to prove that Cuba is involved in the event and no proofs are presented because they do not exist. If they were forced to present the evidence, everything would end, because it is a big farce. And that has to do with the fact that Trump does not have real reasons to re-apply an aggressive policy towards Cuba, rather than the one that comes from the need to keep Marco Rubio on his side, who must defend him in the Senate Committee that analyzes whether there was collusion or not with the Russians in the 2016 presidential campaign. Rather Trump is paying the favor to Marco Rubio and his entourage in advance.

Their interest is also to break with all the international commitments of the United States: Unesco, climate change, migratory commitments; not accept the nuclear agreement with Iran and, finally, the most recent, place the US Embassy in East Jerusalem, which has raised a wave of protests among its own allies and the threat of a new intifada by the Palestinians. Trump seems to be irremediably alone with that last measure. What do you intend with it, do not know yet.

Internally, Trump, with his new budget model, has provoked criticism from the most prominent Nobel prize economists, who accuse him of promoting a tax policy that only benefits the rich. Which is totally logical in your case.

He continues with his idea of ​​making the wall pay for the Mexicans, who continually repeat that this is not possible.

He intends to manipulate the FTA, which he has not yet achieved.

It has become dangerously involved in an attitude, racist and anti-Muslim, promoted by hate groups, putting the tranquility of the common citizen in the hands of the worst of American society.

But the most murky waters in which every day seems to be swimming more deeply, are those that refer to the possible collusion with the Russians during his presidential campaign in 2016, which has him on the verge of impeachment. It is an issue that advances more every day against the president. The recent statements of his former national security adviser put Trump on the verge of impeachment.

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All this takes place within a political environment marked by reality, that almost a year after his administration failed to stabilize his government team. Which makes his administration somewhat incoherent and dangerous.

The American story does not register a similar situation in the XX century and what goes of the XXI, for a US president in almost a year of government. But Trump’s attempts at taking office in 2017 have not been simple political movements. It has been proposed to destroy the previous political establishment and change the way of governing. It is not for the president of a simple change of administration, but of a change of time for the United States, characterized by the following parameters:

-Trump seems to be saying that powerful businessmen do not want politicians to represent them, they want to represent themselves. And nobody better than him to be the leader of that position.

– That America, say the United States, wants not only to be the one but the only one. For himself and nobody else. Including the exclusion of its historical allies.

Will Trump be renouncing what made the United States what it has been? A global and transnational empire within which the allies obeyed their policies as if they were their own.

There are powerful political forces that defend that imperial sense that the president now wants to dismantle, which is very dangerous for Trump.

-Trump wants to run the United States as a large corporation, which will guarantee its profits above those of everyone else.

-It is not interested in solidarity with the world to solve global problems, because for this the United States has to contribute resources, sacrifice spaces for its expansion or support agreements that will bind it to live in a shared world of peace.

-La Paz is not your main political objective. He does not mention it. I would only accept it if I knew that the United States is in danger of paying a high price. Otherwise, I would always choose war as a solution. Let’s look at the case of Korea.

– He misses the United States model as a system of which that country is a leader, which has a high cost. He is always interested in always winning for himself, even if for that he has to sacrifice relationships with his historical allies. He sees himself as a fortress surrounded by envy towards his system and way of life, his resources of all kinds, his military might, his economy, the potentialities that he thinks they have to resist while seizing the world.

He relies on his only and own strength, with the typical mentality of the miser and criminal entrepreneur, who only wants to increase his profits continuously, even if he has to take them away from others; potential friends or enemies. That is what his madness really consists of. That’s why it’s so dangerous. For being someone who is guided only by an imperial logic that does not depart, even if he has to sacrifice the tranquility of the world, trusting that everything would be, except the tranquility itself.

-Thus Trump made his fortune and fully trusts that governing the United States will work as a gift for the extension of the purposes that have always guided him. He also trusts that he has the sympathy of those who are like him and that this is what they want for the United States. He has the sympathy of sectors, groups and people who think alike, so it would not be surprising if they subjected him to a political trial, but also that they would choose him again as president. Because his election was not the result of his own genius, but of a deeply divided, corrupt, egocentric, racist, exploitative, messianic, techno-aristocratic, techno-bureaucratic society. The presidential election is not really a democratic act, but a negotiation between the candidate and the mass of potential voters that he has to face.

But, in addition, Trump’s policy toward Cuba is now presented as ahistorical and illegitimate. Because it does not take into account the more than 50 years of a failed policy that led to its change and to recognize its ineffectiveness and isolation in which it had plunged the United States and that, at the same time, Cuba had not been isolated from the world and neither of American society itself.

For its part, Cuba is important for Cubans, but it is only a minimal expression of what Trump wants to do with the world. Read his speeches, especially the United Nations. Both Trump and his representative at the UN, spoke as if they were inside a puppet theater, handling the threads of those who were sitting there. As if those who were there, were forced to dance to the music they played.

Therefore, the battle that Cuba is waging today is more than ever a battle of its own. Trump’s current policy turns it into an orbit in which the Island can offer solidarity, receive it more than ever and increase its alliances to prevent the United States from drowning it.

For that reason, the fundamental nucleus of Cuba’s political strategy today is not simply to defend itself against Trump, but to ally with all those forces that wish to free the world from the current policy of the United States.

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