A PR MISTAKE?!: Did the US State Department admit that expanding Hezbollah was a success story for 2017?


December 3, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

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WASHINGTON D.C., The United States of American – In what seems to be a rare opening of truth, the spokesperson for the US Department of State acknolweded that expanding Hezbollah is a success story from 2017.

Heather Nauert, wrote from her Twitter account that “Defeating terrorism remains one of @POTUS‘ [President of the United States] highest priorities. Countering foreign terrorist fighters via UNSCR 2396, expanding #Hizballah @Rewards4Justice, crisis response in #Mali and #CVE w/ @Strong_Cities are some of @StateDeptCT’s #counterterrorism success stories from 2017.”

The Tweet came in response to an article titled “Counterterrorism Diplomacy — Ten Highlights of 2017” published by medium.com that highlights supposed US successes against Hezbollah. However, in the nature of Nauerts tweet, it appears in her wording that the expansion of Hezbollah was a counter-terrorism success story.

It appears she either admitted a truth which is rare from the US State Department, misworded her tweet, or is confused, especially considering that the US recognizes Hezbollah as a terrorist group despite it being one of the leading forces in defeating ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Syria, two forces that the US also recognizes as terror groups but has directly and/or indirectly supported.

The Syrian War, rather than weakening the Axis of Resistance [Iran-Syria-Hezbollah] as had been expected, has strengthened the anti-imperialist coalition. This strengthening has meant that ISIS is all but defeated in Iraq and Syria, and Al-Qaeda are currently being hammered in Syria, especially in the northwest province of Idlib. Perhaps this what she meant by the expansion of Hezbollah?

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