BREAKING!!! “Protesters” shoot dead Iranian police officer, injure another 3


January 1, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

NAJAFABAD, Iran – Iranian police have announced that a police officer was killed and another three injured by what can be classified now as terrorists.

The incident occurred in Najafabad in Iran’s central Isfahan province, with no further details given.

Protests across Iran have occurred for days now. In what was initially calls for economic reforms and a stamp down on corruption, protesters have descended to violence, sacking government buildings and attacking police stations and military outposts.

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13 protesters have so far died, mostly as responses by security forces when being attacked.

War hawks in the US and Israel have begun encouraging regime change in Iran in scenes that are reminiscent to Syria in 2011 when peaceful protests were hijacked by an armed uprising pushing for regime change.

Venezuela also experienced this method of subversion in 2017 but successfully resisted the foreign interference and support for right-wing violent and reactionary mobs.

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