BREAKING: Syrian Army gives no respite, gains fire control over pivotal jihadist-held air base in Idlib province


January 9, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

IDLIB, Syria – Although it was only moments ago that the Syrian Army liberated from the Turkestan Islamic Party the town of Al-Shakusiyah, and also liberated Rasm Hamidi, Suruj, al’Adiliyah and Astablat to the southwest of Abu Dhuhour from other jihadist forces, government fighters have shown no respite and continued their impressive march. Full details on the liberation of the aforementioned towns can be read here.

Most importantly though, the Syrian Army have now got fire control over the Abu Dhuhour Air Base, according to a Syrian field commander.

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With fire control established, this means the Syrian Army can now launch rocket, missile and artillery attacks onto jihadist positions and locations within the imperative air base.

The liberation of the airbase and the security of its immediate vicinity will mean that the Syrian air force can begin conducting operations within Idlib province at a higher velocity and rate as jets will not need to travel as far to conduct operations and resupply.

With fire control established it is expected that jihadist forces will not be able to hold onto the air base for much longer.

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