BREAKING: Syrian Army obliterates terrorist forces and liberates over a dozen towns on the Idlib axis


January 8, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

IDLIB, Syria – The Syrian Army, primarily the elite Tiger Forces unit, has smashed Al-Qaeda affiliates Al-Nusra Front on the Idlib axis that also includes western Aleppo province and northern Hama province and liberated 14 settlements in only a matter of hours.

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The towns and villages of Burtqalah, Khalidiyah, Al-Freijah, Al-Jahman, Al-Dawoudiyah, Rub al-Hawa, Bo Aleej, Aleej, Jub Kasb, Bashjun, Harjalah, Maksar Fawkani, Maksar at-Tahtani and Mushrifat Marmalah, has been liberated thus far today.

It is expected that the Syrian Army will now aim to liberate Abu Duhur military airport.

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