Calling Mozart! Cosi Fan Tutte, Irkutsk style: Husband tested, fails, suffers


January 20, 2018 – Fort Russ News – With prolog, commentary, and translation by Tom Winter –

In Irkutsk!
On stage, Teatro Royal, Madrid

Calm, calm, the husband lived, and she only got three years probation — though this is not quite the happy ending of the Mozart Opera, where all is forgiven and there will be a double wedding. 

In Usolye Sibirskoe, Irkutsk, it is not Diego and the two fellows who propose the fidelity test, but it is two women, a wife and her pal, who propose the test. There is no attempted murder in Mozart, but, here, too, in Irkutsk, “all is well that ends well.”

(I am aware that this post is a far cry from the usual serious business of Fort Russ’ coverage of the cat’s cradle of Turkey, Syria, Russia and the Kurds, or Russia’s struggles with the West that persists in in posing Russia as the big bad security threat, or Nazis persisting in targeting civilians in Donetsk and Lugansk, but I, too, need a break.)

 Without further ado, here is the Irkutsk “libretto:”

Near Irkutsk, a man agreed to have a threesome and got a knife in the chest from his wife

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Ekaterina Zemlyanukhina today at 17: 52238316

It is reported that the incident did not cause the destruction of the family and now the couple are expecting their first child.
In Usolye-Sibirskoe, Irkutsk region, a man agreed to a threesome and received a knife in the chest from a jealous wife. This is reported by the regional court.

According to the department, the wife decided to arrange a test of her husband’s fidelity and invited him to engage in group sex during a festive party with her girlfriend. The man, not suspecting a thing, agreed and immediately began to undress the wife’s friend. 

At that moment the woman grabbed a kitchen knife and, out of jealousy, struck her lover in the chest.

It is reported that despite the severity of the injury, the man lived. However, by the time of his recovery, his wife was indicted for the crime.

Be it noted that the woman fully admitted her guilt at her trial, confessing that she made an indecent proposal to check on her husband’s devotion. 

The court found her guilty, but sentenced her to three years on probation and ordered her to pay the amount spent by the state for the treatment of her husband.

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