“Death from sunglow;” Germany’s STERN reports on Putin’s Hellweapon (video)


January 20, 2018, fort Russ News –

– Stern.de, translated by Tom Winter –

Heavy flame thrower: The TOS flame thrower ignites the “glow of the sun”

[Watch the video at this link]

Death by “sunshine” – Putin builds new generation of Hell Cannon:

The TOS-1 Flamethrower is Putin’s most terrible weapon in Syria. Its salvos destroy bunkers and rebels’ strong points. And now, a new generation of salvo gun is going to be built – on the chassis of the T-14 Armata tank.

One of the most deadly weapons in Putin’s arsenal is the TOS-1 – often dubbed a heavy flame thrower. Now there is to be a modified successor, the TOS-2. One variant is based on the modern Armata platform – on which Putin’s super tank of the T-14 Armata is based. A second will go on a wheel-tank.

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Multiple rocket launcher
In the west one thinks of flamethrowers on one’s equipment or on tanks, and they spray a burning oil mixture out of a pipe in a stream:

Because of their short range, such weapons are not being built anymore. But the TOS-1 and TOS-2 work very differently. A 30-tube rocket launcher is built on the chassis of a tank – which continues the principle of a salvo gun such as the old Stalin organ. But the rockets do not carry normal warheads but thermobaric ones instead. The most powerful conventional bombs in the world are based on this principle – the “mother of all bombs” from the USA, and “the father of all bombs” from Russia.

War of the future

The TOS rocket operation corresponds to an aerosol bomb, except that here many warheads hit the target area, where they distribute an explosive film in the air, which must be ignited exactly. The result is a huge fireball that triggers a tremendous blast wave. A vacuum immediately follows upon primary pressure wave. The effect is devastating. In a study after the first missions in Chechnya, the CIA wrote: “In the flame area, all persons are wiped out, and in addition, victims suffer internal and often invisible injuries, eardrums and internal organs are torn.” In the zone of the fireball one does not escape the effect even in bunkers and shelters. The explosion will have not thought of any civilians in the target area.

Use against bunkered positionsThe name TOS-1A Solntsepyok can be translated as “sunshine”. The TOS-1 was brought to Syria because its pressure wave penetrates deep trench and tunnel systems as well as bunkers. The primary destructive effect of a salvo covers an area of 200 by 400 meters. A battery of five TOS-1A levels a field one kilometer long and 400 meters deep into the opposing front. Even minefields can be cleared with it.

Probably two variants The second change concerns the change of the chassis. The TOS-1 uses the chassis of the old T-72 tank. Moscow still has thousands of them that can be processed cheaply. The new TOS-2, however, will go on a new chassis. Apparently there is planning for two variants. First, there is a chain-driven TOS-2, which fits on the expensive Armata platform – as well as almost all new, heavy Russian tank systems.

Not only the Russians but also Assad’s forces use the TOS-. In recent years it has been also been sold abroad. The successor should now solve two problems. First, the range of the 30 missiles should be increased so that the tank can not be hit by anti-tank missiles: despite the armored chassis, the flamethrower is vulnerable, because it needs a lot of time to fire, and especially for reloading.

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