England gives the game away: “Russia” is the first line of defense against military budget cuts


January 26, 2018 – Fort Russ News –

– Contributing editor Tom Winter observes some funding-driven changes in the West’s view of Russia –

General Sir Nick Carter warns Spend more money on the military or Russia will get you. Look at the gold braid, the medals, the red collar tabs. We’ve got to believe him!

The British Press favored him with headlines like this one, from the Daily Mail:

The Daily Mail’s obliging headline January 21 does play along,  even adds some frosting “vulnerable to an attack from Putin”! but then they spoil it by adding “Seen as plea for more funding,” making it perhaps too clear! 

That Russia was going to invade England was absurd on the face of it, so another tack was needed. What could possibly be credible? A cyberattack that would bring Britain to its knees! Plunge the country into chaos! (As if the Tory government had not already done it!) And so the British Defense minister followed up yesterday, January 25, with the compliant press scaremongering appropriately:

The Express

We are not the only ones to point out that Western Military budgets need a big-league enemy to secure their funding.  See Everybody needs Russia, for instance. 

But England, jolly old England has faced the need for war money. Voice of America puts their problem this way:

“Sluggish economic growth, rising government debt and the feared impact of Britain’s exit from the European Union, known as Brexit, is forcing the ruling Conservatives to rethink what it can afford.And the future on the cards is one of crippling budget-squeezing measures that will see a delay in the building of new frigates and tanks and the Royal Navy having to give up its two remaining amphibious assault ships capable of landing Royal Marines on foreign shores.Far from expanding the Royal Navy, a looming round of biting spending cuts — the second in three years — would see the fleet contract. It would also see a delay in the purchase of American-made F-35 warplanes for use on Britain’s new expensive aircraft carrier.

So tragic that they can’t afford to arm the new aircraft carrier with America’s biggest boondoggle, the F-35! 

But the problem is plain: No parliament or Congress will grant you an aircraft carrier if your likely foe uses pea-shooters and slingshots. A world-class enemy is needed. Who could that be? 


Russia could count this as flattery. There are no more insults like McCain’s pet line “a gas station masquerading as a country.” Or like Obama’s famous dismissal of Russia as “a regional power.” Now that England is having to tighten its belt, even the including the military one, the gas station and the regional power that “does not pose a leading security threat to the United States” are forgotten.

And for two years now, US generals and finally the SecDef have been turning our attention from number one threat ISIS to Number One Threat Russia. In July 2015, General Paul Selva surprised Congress by telling them to turn their attention away from Islamic State militants — who drive captured Humvees, and focus on RUSSIA. 

And Last October, an ex-NATO commander, part of the pushback against Trump’s assertion that NATO is obsolete, got into Newsweek with a turn from ISIS to RUSSIA, and with a complaint that Trump’s views “were very confusing to the American public.” 

Well, let there be no confusion: The enemy is RUSSIA.

Finally just last month, the war party got Trump turned around, and The White House, publishing our new NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGY, made it official: Our main security threats are Russia and China.

But if you wonder why, see the British headlines at the top of this column!

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