Ex-SBU calls for cutting umbilicus to the west, and at home, complete ethnic cleansing


January 17, 2018 – Fort Russ News –

– Novorosinform, translated by Tom Winter –

Yuri Mikhalchisin, a Svoboda Party leader and ex- SBU

Ex-SBU employee calls for ethnic cleansing and total destruction of dissidents in Ukraine.

Yuri Mikhalchishin, ex-advisor to the head of the SBU and one of the leaders of the Svoboda party has published in his blog on the Ukrainian portal ZIK a list of so-called “operational-tactical tasks of Ukrainian nationalism for 2018.”

According to Mikhalchishin, the era of Western domination is ending, and it makes no sense for Ukraine to “stand in line for a third-class passenger ticket for a Titanic, which has already met the iceberg.”

He also said that today in Ukraine, under the external management of the West, the destruction of the remnants of sovereignty and social state is on course. In his opinion, this is a threat to the national statehood, equivalent to the Russian one. 

At the same time, the Nazi called for preparing to rebuff the “Polish spring” in Lviv and the “Hungarian spring” in Uzhgorod by the methods which, he said, stopped the “Russian world” in Kharkov.

In addition, Mikhalchishin instead of lustration called for “ethical cleansing”*, as well as “total destruction” in relation to domestic policy of Ukraine.

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“To declare everywhere and in all corners that ethical cleansing, and not paper lustration, is the optimal tool for the future purification of government and administration,” Michalchishin wrote.

He also urged “to stop pretending to be ashamed of ethnocentrism, zealotry, intolerance, politically incorrectness, a tendency to structured violence.”

Some background
Recall that in November 2017, the Nazis from the C14, banned in Russia,, announced their cooperation with the SBU.

We note, that the Ukrainian nazis do not just spout loud slogans: In April last year in Mariupol, the purge of the supporters of the Donbass began.

In Ukraine they are extending the radicalism and nationalism: In November 2017, the Kiev Nazis beat an American diplomat. Earlier, the radicals put up an effigy of the Soviet memorial in Odessa and burned it.
In October, the Nazi Yarosh stated that Kiev would regain control of the Donbass on April 20, 2018 – the birthday of Hitler.

November 14, the infamous Nazi Korchinsky on the air of the channel “112 Ukraine” urged the country’s authorities not to accept any compromise laws on the Donbass, but to transfer military actions to the territory of Russia.

Special note: at the end of December Ukraine voted against the UN resolution on combating the heroizing of Nazism.
*”Ethnic” is in the original headline and in the lead paragraph; the text, though, says “ethical” cleansing. This latter has a different meaning, implying political triage.

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