Fifty of “Putin’s friends” to be sanctioned by the US


January 14, 2018 – FRN – 

KtovKurse– translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

50 people from the closest circle of President Putin will be included in the list of “bad guys”, prolonging US sanctions against Russia. This list has been prepared by the administration of Donald Trump, for presentation in February.

“Perhaps sanctions will be applied on only some of the people in the list”, says Daniel Fried, the former coordinator of the sanctions policy of the State Department. In actuality, those who are on the list can later be included in the list of special category citizens, with whom Americans are forbidden to have any financial relationship.

“I urged the administration, including publicly, not to chase the number and not try to “overfulfill the plan,” as you say in Russia … It would be much more correct to compile a shorter but stronger list of “bad guys “. That is, people who are really connected with corruption, criminal activity or acts of aggression. Quantity here is not the main thing, “- Fried said.

In addition to businessmen involved in money laundering and their family members (according to the White House), the US administration is preparing data on organizations and companies, their origin and role in the Russian economy, their governing structures and beneficiaries, and the volumes of their properties abroad. Also, the congress is interested in information about the penetration of Russian individuals with political influence and companies with state participation in key sectors of the American economy.

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