Fort Russ Syncretic Studies for a Multipolar World – An Interview with Dr. Skala


January 16, 2018 – Fort Russ News –

By Special Editor Jafe Arnold – 

Fort Russ’ parent organization, the Center for Syncretic Studies, in cooperation with our Russian colleagues, Dr. Eduard Popov and Alexander Gegalchiy, has published an exclusive interview with the chief theoretician of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia, Dr. Josef Skala. 

This is not the first time that fruitful intellectual collaboration has taken place between Dr. Skala, CSS, Fort Russ, and our colleagues Dr. Popov and Gegalchiy. Back in August 2016, we published Skala’s thoughts on multipolarity, Donbass, and the New Cold War and on the transformation of the left in the NATO-Russia showdown.

Fort Russ, like our parent Center for Syncretic Studies, is deeply interested in the profound ideological changes affecting both “right” and “left” amidst rising multipolarity and the showdown between Russia and the Atlanticist project. Dr. Skala’s voice is definitely a relevant one to be heard in this context. This new interview touches on a range of topics from the crisis of the left to “populism,” NATO expansion, and the possibility of a third Maidan in Ukraine. As such, it is a worthy case study which Fort Russ readers are bound to enjoy for critical discussion. 

After all, we here at Fort Russ are not only journalists – we know that, in today’s conditions, even “objective reporting” is bound up with certain ideological paradigms, geopolitical processes, and information war imperatives. As I wrote back in November 2015, Fort Russ is conscious of its role in multipolarity. 

Our parent, the Center for Syncretic Studies, seeks to get to the heart of these matters, and help Fort Russ revolutionize new media and the information war by supplying critical material that questions predominant paradigms while reminding our readers of the urgency of new perspectives to security, a point which is reflected in our “About” section

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“Fort Russ bridges the gap between the information available in the Western corporate mainstream media and the reality on the ground. We do this work because we are concerned about security in the world today, as a new multi-polar world has emerged in the wake of a fading Western led mono-polarity. We have concerns that these changes will be accompanied by unnecessary war, destruction, and loss of life if the Western public is not informed. This is why it is essential for the West to hear other perspectives.”  

The latest interview with Dr. Skala is an example of the exclusive material we’re dedicated to obtaining and offering up for discussion to transcend false political dichotomies and expose the very real danger posed by NATO expansion to Europeans themselves. 

When asked to summarize his international program, Dr. Skala responded

“If I were to express this briefly, then our aim is a world in which no one can claim the role of ‘chief of the globe.’ This is in fact the point of democracy in relations between states. Therefore, productive dialogue and cooperation between forces whose goal is essentially the same is our aim. A multipolar, democratic architecture of international relations is a key condition for the state to take up the work of social progress after 30 years of continued asocial engineering.” 

This is a statement we believe many Fort Russ readers, like us, find more than agreeable. With that in mind, the full, latest interview with Dr. Skala – with plenty more such gems – can be read here

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