Germans tell NATO that a war with Russia is “suicide” – they would know


January 22 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

RUeconomics – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

The German Contra Magazin called on NATO to understand that a war against Russia is “suicide”. Readers of the publication noted that Germany remembers this especially well….

In NATO, there are forces that are convinced of the correctness of a “military solution” of confrontation with Russia. However, anyone who attacks the Russians “actually commits suicide” because of the strength of Russian weapons and Moscow’s readiness to use them in case of a threat to its security. An author of Contra Magazin, Ernst Planner, singles out the Iskander-M complexes, capable of “flying to Warsaw in two minutes, and four to Berlin.” 

In addition, NATO defense equipment is obsolete when it comes to the Iskanders, as they can fly in the mesosphere.

According to the journalist, NATO should have no doubts that the Russians, whose patriotism has increased against the backdrop of confrontation with the West, will “press the button” to defend their homeland. 

In this case, the “madmen” who started the war, whether the US or the “nuclear dwarfs” Britain and France, will not stand a chance. Russia can destroy any external threat, and realist politicians (Planner places Trump and his associates among them) are well aware of this. 

Readers of the publication agreed with Plenner’s arguments. “A military campaign against Russia – anybody who tried, got a broken nose, especially we Germans, and one thing is for sure: whether we are in NATO or not, in case of war there will be nothing to restore. There will be no winners, both Americans and Russians know this, but tactical weapons will be used, and the first who will fall under fire – is us, “- wrote user Jomenk.

In late 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the “offensive nature” of NATO’s actions in Eastern Europe. In Poland and Romania, there are universal installations that can be used for a missile attack against Russia. In parallel, the United States, “in fact, is engaged in a breach of the INF Treaty.” With this in mind, Russia will exercise its sovereign right to adequately respond to external threats, including in terms of creating weapons that can overcome any Western missile defense system, Putin said.

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