“I would still vote for Putin,” Brits laugh off crazed General’s anti-Russian hysteria


January 23 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Rusvesna – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

The head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Great Britain, General Nicholas Carter, suggested that Russia could begin “hostile actions” suddenly and in such a way that no one expects. According to Carter, Moscow’s possible aggression may be directed against the security infrastructure in Europe, and its goal may also be to undermine the credibility of NATO.

The general was quoted by many British media outlets, including The Telegraph, Daily Mail and Guardian.

Most readers of the publications were critical of Carter’s statements.

“A good attempt, but I still don’t hate Russia! Stop this ridiculous alarmism. Many of us would be happy if our country was headed by Putin. He would not allow it to become a litter of Europe “, – writes Smileycat.

Many commentators noted that Russia is not the enemy of Britain. “There is no point in starting a war with Russia. I’m beginning to think that Putin is the only person who is able to be the leader of this country, ” writes real1.

“I would vote for someone like Putin, so that he would be elected to parliament instead of the garbage that is there now. The Cold War is behind us, and we are trying to unleash a new one to cover up our failures, ” Tondor said.

“NATO spends 15 times more than Russia on armament. Who threatens whom? “- asks Barry.

“The West overthrew Hussein and Gaddafi, instability led to the emergence of many underground groups. Putin knows that the nation needs a strong leader. Assad must remain, ” writes Mike.

A number of users have linked the General’s statement with attempts to increase the military budget. “I have never seen British generals talk so much about Russia. I think they are knocking out the budget money and trying to justify it by frightening the population,” Proudaussie suggests.

Still though, a small proportion consider Russia a threat and are urged to fight it. “Russia has always been a problem. Look at how Putin used football fans during the World Cup (probably referring to the European Championships – Ed.). He paid for their trips and training. If he did this to the fans, imagine what plans he has for Europe, ” warns Packet of Crisps. 

“The best solution is to unleash civil wars in Russia, Iran and China and other communist countries. They come in as a domino,” BandarA suggests.

“Sure, it worked fine in Iraq,” Tom responds with irony.

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