“I’m fine and safe,” says Brazilian who was imprisoned in Venezuela


January 8, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Ultimo Segundo.

The Brazilian Jonatan Diniz, 31, who was arrested in Venezuela and expelled from the country on Saturday, made a publication on social networks on Sunday night to affirm that he is well and safe. The Santa Catarina man was accused of maintaining destabilization activities against the government of Nicolás Maduro.

Jonatan begins the publication saying that Venezuela is a “complicated case to explain”. The Brazilian has not spoken about the days he spent in prison, but in a passage of the text he is outraged at the actions of governments around the world. 

“What disgusts me the most is that the right craps, the left craps, the whole world sees children starving and no one does SHIT TO HELP and still criticize and put in prison those who try to do! In the end this is not only an evaluation of what Venezuelans are suffering or doing with their country, but an evaluation of what we humans are seeing and doing about … NOTHING !!!,” he said

He explains that he decided to go to Venezuela to donate part of the money he had from his work to start the project “Time To Change The Earth” together with friends from around the world. “It was nothing more than donating clothes, food, toys and whatever it took for who really needed it. Most importantly, try somehow to change the mindset of people, try to find a way to instead of warring, unite the parties for all to strive for the same goal,” he explained.

For the Venezuelan government, however, the entity would be a “criminal organization with international tentacles,” which would distribute food and goods to homeless people with the objective of obtaining resources in national currency in order to take actions against the government.

Relationship with the country

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The Brazilian says that he went to the country for the first time in 2016 as a backpacker. “It really surprised me that with so many problems these people could be as receptive and kind as they are,” says Jonatan, who, after some time, decided to live there. One of the objectives would be to know more about what is and is not true about Venezuela.

“I participated in many volunteer projects in philanthropy and in the three months I was there I gave a lot of support in the photography part. Being my photos used by various institutions and even my face many times without even knowing me being used in advertising campaigns for donations,” he explained.

As he lived in the area between May and August 2017, he witnessed intense protests against the government. He explains that he went to demonstrations as an observer and guarantees that he never touched a weapon. “Yes, I hated Maduro a lot in that time for all the tear gas that I had to breathe and yes, I saw a lot of barbarity on both sides. When I did not cry for the news of another murdered youth who was fighting for freedom and for a better country, I was crying to see 5-6 year old’s preparing Molotov bombs in the middle of the avenue to prepare for the clashes. “

The performance of children in demonstrations was something that drew a lot of attention from Jonatan. He says that while watching the little ones preparing for a real fight, he also saw adults of different ages just look at the situation and do nothing to avoid the situation. “If I tried to tell the children not to do it I still had threats.”

Jonatan closes the message he left on social networks with a thank you to the Brazilians who moved to get him out of prison. “I am very moved by the union that the Brazilian people had to help me and get me out of prison, really, without words, for the first time in my life I saw Brazilians prove that we are stronger than governments. As I have always said and always will say, the people should not fear the government, the government should fear the people, and in fact, SERVE the people. “

The young man also says that he will continue his life normally, but that he prefers to keep his place where he is and where he goes after the whole problem in Venezuela. “I hope you understand, I have my personal and private life,” he adds.

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