Immigration, Capitalism and the New Statute of the Immigrant


January 13, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Nova Resistencia.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – In December 2016, the Brazilian Plenary of the House of Representatives approved the bill for a new Migration Law (PL 2516/2015). In addition to repealing the Immigrant Statute of 1980, the bill also facilitates the regulation of immigrants on Brazilian soil, as well as creating a legal equalization between these and the native Brazilians in questions such as access to Social Security and the possibility of union organization.

The question must be understood correctly.

Without entering into the technical merits of the project, it is significant that it was proposed and elaborated by Senator Aloysio Nunes (PSDB-SP), one of the greatest enthusiasts of the neoliberal agenda and Shock Therapy in Brazil. It is also significant that a figure such as Ilona Szabó (Breaking the Taboo), an ideologue of the liberal left and avid defender of liberal guidelines (such as the legalization of drugs), has come to the public to argue that the cooptation of immigrant labor in Brazil may “Helping to warm up the economy”.

It is when the distinctions between political specters are shattered within the common membership of the liberal hegemonic mental frame, a phenomenon characteristic of our post-liberal era.

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Thus, such subtleties only make the obvious clearer: immigration is a tool of capitalist political economy. A component of the international division of labor, governed according to the logic of Capital, and whose purpose is to maximize corporate profits to the detriment of the standard of living of a portion of the workers.

No wonder the IMF has already made recommendations for European countries to compensate immigrant workers at below-minimum wages, and it is not unusual for Germany, a country with low birth rates and an aging population, through the veneer of the ” humanitarianism “and under the clamor of the business community, has promptly received masses of immigrants from the Middle East to occupy jobs in the country. Or even that, in 1973, French President Georges Pompidou admitted opening the gates of immigration at the request of a number of large businessmen, such as Francis Bouygues, who were eager to exploit docile and cheap labor, and devoid of class consciousness and any tradition of social struggle, of immigrants.

Those who always cry for more immigration are the big corporations. Immigration is in accordance with the very spirit of capitalism, which aims to extinguish borders (laissez faire, laissez passer), while obeying the logic of on-site offshoring. a local company with a lower pay than the value paid to the native worker), social dumping, a low-cost labor market composed of “temporary service providers”, which ultimately lower the average wage rate, lowering producing a part of the native proletariat in misery, and maximizing the profits of the capitalists.

This, of course, without entering into questions concerning population problems, the insufficiency of the state machinery and national sovereignty violated from the usual hypocritical discourse based on the universalism of Human Rights, used to justify the process of opening up our borders, that has entered illegally in Brazil before the approval of the project, so that even the immediate deportations by the Federal Police will be vetoed, and repatriation will only apply to serious criminals (even considering that even those who fall into this category, may be subject of various types of legal exceptions).

It is not a question here of criminalizing immigrants or opposing immigrant workers to native workers (the enemy is businessmen!), But of understanding that the mass of foreigners constitutes a true Capital Reserve Army, and that free movement of persons is a the perverse facets of globalism and the other side of the currency of the capital movement (as most realistic leftist economists understood).

Our struggle is for the emancipation of peoples and workers from all over the world: that every people and every working class should make its Revolution and emancipate itself in its own way, without being obliged to leave its homeland to accentuate contradictions in distant lands and serve instrument in the hands of the Enemy.

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