In Bannon Versus Trump – The Two Faces Are The Media’s


January 5th, 2018 – Fort Russ News – 

– Op-ed by Curwen Ares Rolinson, for FRN – 

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One of the interesting and amusing things to come out of Michael Wolff’s write-up of his year spent inside the Trump White House is the perspective-flip that’s happened on Steve Bannon.

Now, a little more than a year ago, Bannon was conventionally regarded as something semi-literally akin to Emperor Palpatine – brooding, evil, and somehow mind-controlling from behind the throne in favour of an archaic malevolence of an agenda.

A literal “Nazi” or some such.

Yet today – and building on a previous string of such incidences including his remarks following the Charlottesville episode – Bannon is cast as a much more “sane” and “reasonable” figure.

When CNN and other mainstream media outlets report upon his diagnoses of the dysfuncitonalities of the Trump administration and family, they no longer bother to attempt to castigate him with strings of epithets as they once did. Indeed, they’ve actually taken to putting up pictures of him that make him look pretty normal and human for a man in his mid-60s – rather than the quasi-alcoholic, over-tired, Dark Lord of the Sith look they’d previously strove for during the campaign.

Now to be fair, some of what’s come out over the past 12 months about Bannon and his agenda is still at strong odds with what you might term the minds of a pretty broad swathe of reasonable men. But when it comes to things like the masterminding of the travel ban’s implementation and such, the insights we’ve gained into how his mind works reveals a strategic mode of operation that actually seems to know what it’s doing .. even if we might disagree with the ultimate objectives in mind .. rather than the “TRUMP IS A BUFFOON, AS ARE THOSE AROUND HIM” narrative that was previously being pushed for comfort-value.

In any case, the ‘Reasonability of Bannon’, particularly in comparison to a number of the *other* figures who’ve been around or remained around Trump, is something that’s hardly a surprise if you’ve been paying attention, particularly if you’ve bothered to read some of my articles on the subject covering all of this from a left-wing perspective.

We have for a long while known that some of the few decent moves to come out of the Trump administration, many of which have been sadly backpedaled into the ground with Bannon’s passing – such as attempts at engagement with organized labour, the resistance against the #TPPA, moves to alter the US federal tax code to help out lower income earners, and pressure upon the US Executive Branch to pursue a far more non-interventionist foreign policy – have been active #BannonBol projects.

It’s just that it’s only now – when he’s allegedly provided a slew of quotes referring in frank terms to the (lack of) intelligence and principles of Trump and his family/advisors, particularly the family who *are* “advisors”, that the media has decided that Bannon is a somewhat decent, even “sympathetic” figure.

Make no bones about it. The Trump Presidency may very well prove to be an exaggerated four year long nightmare.

But had Bannon remained in a position of power and influence within the White House, I cannot help but wonder whether there might have been some ‘cathartic’ elements also to it that would have left at least *parts* of America in a better position than under other options.

Curwen Ares Rolinson has endured almost a decade’s worth of experience at the highest levels of New Zealand Politics; serving as a prominent public face of left-nationalism in his home country before making the transition to political journalism and work in the PR field. His writing has been published in a wide array of outlets – ranging from his award-winning “Sex, Drugs & Electoral Rolls” magazine column, as well as the Official Gazette of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

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