IN DEPTH: The inferno for Weinstein, Obama and Clinton


January 3, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Voltaire.

MEXICO CITY, Mexico – It is not a minor matter. Hollywood, one of the leading power fiefdoms in the US, with its underground erotic habits has just undergone a simultaneous assault of the New York Times and the New Yorker; this is deeply destructive, because the focus of the projectors on the Israeli-American psychopath-sexual also reveals their crass financial and political connections. It was Ronan, the son of actress Mia Farrow, who was gunned down with an article that had been turned down by NBC’s selective censorship. Indeed, Noah Oppenheim, the director of NBC, is a close associate of Harvey Weinstein.

In short, this mega-sex scandal involving a legendary movie producer, reporting to 64 women raped or harassed for about half a century, is very convenient for Trump, who almost lost the Republican Party’s investiture because of his daring hand with the ladies and causes great damage to the Democratic Party for which Hollywood is a kind of sacred grove; this puts at the same time the Clintons (Bill, Hillary and his daughter Chelsea) and the Obama couple.

Everyone is caught up in it: the Senate minority leader, the American Israelo Chuck Schumer, and even Senator Elizabeth Warren, purportedly the model of purity. Weinstein was one of Obama’s great fund-raisers.

Though crude, Harvey, 65, attacked stars from Jane Fonda and Angelina Jolie to Gwyneth Paltrow, who held a very strange corporate silence until the actress Rose McGowan had the courage to uncover the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah that are the kingdoms Hollywoodescos where Weinstein reigns.

Rose McGowan was quick to point out that Amazon boss and philanthropist Jeff Bezos (the world’s richest man with nearly $ 90 billion), who owns the Washington Post, is a bastion of protection for pedophilia; she immediately has her Twitter account censored. Would the powerful GAFAT (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter) protect the sex-criminal network of Hollywood?

Of course, the oscillating and unsightly conduct of the iconic stars leaves nothing to be desired; the once admirable Meryl Streep had crowned Weinstein, then qualifying him as “god,” before engaging earnestly in revenge. The vicious circle, properly speaking, constituted by the “entente” of the financial, entertainment, and media worlds, could afford to hide Weinstein’s awkwardness for almost a half-century, notes the New York Times.

Everyone can be deceived: Harvey Wienstein received just two years ago the Wiesenthal Center humanitarian medal that qualifies as the “International Group for Jewish Human Rights”. And, he had won an Oscar in 1999 for his Shakespeare in Love; He had shone during the campaigns of Clinton and Barak Obama, and collected huge sums of funds for the Democratic Party.

With a timely political sense, the prominent figures of the Democratic Party announced that they would return the poisoned donations, which would be redirected to charities; however the Clinton Foundation abstained.

The Daily Mail, linked to the MI6, the British spy service with the greatest of pleasures sought to spread the sexual scandal and offering exclusively the information according to which Chelsea Clinton, whose political career is somewhat fragile, had refused to respond to reporters on the restitution of the quarter million dollars received by the Clinton Foundation of Weinstein; his father Bill had to have her protected by a security team to fend off the media. Having, apparently, the daughters of Democratic Presidents let themselves be seduced, financially understand: Malia, Obama’s daughter, currently benefits from a grant funded by Weinstein.

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David Walsh, of the WSWS boycotted by Google, made it known that in 2012, television along with the film and music industry had contributed in the amount of 81% to the financing of the Democratic Party, but that in 2016, the same industry of entertainment had delivered $23.6 million to Hillary, while Bernie Sanders had only made $1.2 million, and Trump had made a mere $ 388,000.

Would this have any bearing on Televisa’s role in neoliberal Mexico?

Anti-Zionist media explored Harvey Weinstein’s salient Zionist label, extremely devoted to Israel, to the point of sparking controversy. A Jewish website even bitterly criticized Weinstein’s sectarian conduct.

This all seems like divine revenge for Trump, so hard hit by Hollywood. In fact, the scandal helps him, and Steve Bannon, more “Trump” than Donald himself, sees his site attain frantic popularity. But there is something that does not fit right: the infamies of the “perverse in series” have been revealed by the New York Times, which is practically the official organ of the Democratic Party, and where the cabal of George Soros enjoys a colossal influence.

Was it a “friendly fire”? Or, rather, an adjustment between Israeli-American groups, at a time when the interests of the duo Netanyahu/Adelson, the highest allies of the Trumpista supremacy, and those of Soros, the most anti-Trumpista in the world, collide. who one of the vassals in Mexico demanded the public assassination of Trump?

Would that reveal a bloody settlement at the heart of Israeli-American liberalism, where you even see Bob, brother and partner of Harvey Weinstein, claiming his liquidation in a cannibalistic way? Or, a bloody wound in the Soros group? You will know soon enough.

Hollywood’s sexual depravity, exposed for more than fifty years and tied to the mafias of power, is nothing new. It now employs its outsourcing, its relocation, insofar as it is inseparable from the financial world (film investments), entertainment and information, as well as from the political realm.

As early as 1959, cursed filmmaker and controversial writer Kenneth Anger had published Hollywood Babylon, spreading the most sordid secrets of this medium, to the point of being banned in the US, which violated the first Amendment to the US Constitution; The book had then been taken out and published in France. Twenty-five years later, the same Kenneth Anger published Hollywood Babylone II, which covered the period from the 1920s to the 1970s. He then attempted to publish a Hollywood Babylon III with extensive research on the depravities of Tom Cruise and of the Church of Scientology. But he seems to have been caught up in the fear of being murdered.

In short, the paleo-biblical legend of Sodom and Gomorrah resembles a fairy tale when compared to the disgusting Hollywood Hades, of which Harvey Weinstein is unprepared to raise the veil.

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