“Moderate Free Syrian Army” run over injured Syrian Army soldier with an armored vehicle


January 16, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

IDLIB, Syria – The “moderate Free Syrian Army” has run over a wounded Syrian soldier with an armored truck in Idlib province.

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The northwestern Syrian province of Idlib is occupied by a coalition of jihadist forces led by the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front with minor elements of the supposed moderate Free Syrian Army.

However, for the duration of the war, the Free Syrian Army has allied itself with Al-Qaeda, and for a period with ISIS, serving as an arms smuggling network for jihadist groups.

Western governments would arm and fund the Free Syrian Army, who would then go onto handover their weapons, or sell their weapons, to jihadist groups, making the Free Syrian Army just a smuggling front.

The brutal death of the Syrian soldier who was run over demonstrates their mentality.

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