Peaceful Iranian Protests? WATCH as “protesters” burn a taxi in scenes reminiscent to Syria in 2011


January 2, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

TEHRAN, Iran – A video has emerged yesterday on social media showing a taxi in Tehran burning after protesters set it alight.

In previous days, initial protests in Iran that called for economic reform and a stamp down on corruption has been hijacked by people calling for regime change in the Islamic Republic.

Although a single taxi burning does not demonstrate much, put in the context of several government buildings and security forces being targeted by “protesters” over the last few days and across Iran, it presents a case of what occurred in Syria in 2011 is again occurring Iran.

This is especially true as only yesterday a domestic terrorist gunned down and killed a police officer, as reported by FRN.

The same destabilizing forces that descended peaceful protests in Syria into an armed conflict, and the same pattern attempted to be repeated in Venezuela in 2017 but was successfully resisted, is not occurring in Iran with war hawks in the US and Israel calling for an armed conflict.

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