Will Russia demand half of Ukraine back, as in pre-Soviet times?


January 7, 2018 – FRN – 

DNR News – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

The Ukraine should be ready to abandon Kharkov, Dnipropetrovsk, Donbass and other territories handed over to it in Soviet times, if it recognizes the period of being a part of the USSR as an “occupation”. 

This was stated by the chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots, Leonid Kalashnikov.

“If you take this claim seriously, you will have to return half of Ukraine today to Russia, and not just the Crimea, because both Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, and Donbass before the creation of the Soviet Union were not part of Ukraine.” – said Kalashnikov.

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