Russian Embassy in the UK questions why the US trains militants while Syrian refugees starve just across the border in Jordan


January 12, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

LONDON, The United Kingdom – The Russian Embassy in a tweet today questioned why Syrian refugees in the Rukbah camp in Jordan starve while militants are being trained by the United States literally across the border in Syria’s Al-Tanf.

“MFA: 60K starving in Rukban refugee camp in Syria, as US blocks aid access because of ongoing training of fighters for illegal armed groups in illegal Al-Tanf camp. Somehow @foreignoffice or UK-funded #whitehelmets aren’t concerned,” the official twitter account questioned.

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The US has been training and arming militants in the US-controlled military base at Al-Tanf. Russia correctly asserts the US base is illegal as it has no legal justification by Syria or the United States to be there.

While the US spends millions training these militants who will literally make no difference on the battlefield with the Syrian government victory being imminent, tens of thousands of refugees starve in the underfunded and under-aided Rukban camp in Jordan.

This is in stark contrast to the Russian aid effort where tonnes of aid are delivered to internally displaced Syrians on a weekly basis.

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