Syrian Army continues its impressive drive against jihadist in Idlib and liberates another ten settlements


January 12, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

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IDLIB, Syria – The Syrian Army has continued its impressive offensive against jihadist forces on the Idlib Axis (southern Idlib province-northern Hama province-southern Aleppo province) and has liberated another ten settlements after impressively liberating other towns earlier today. Information for that drive can be read here.

The liberated towns from this latest offensive are As-Salihuyah, Al-Hawayir,
Jubb Intash Fawqani, Rasm al-Amaysh, Jubb Intash Tahtani, Al-Hardanah, Al-Hamadiyah, Hamidiyat Shadad, Al-Ja’kiyah and

It is likely that the liberation was conducted by the Syrian Army’s elite Tiger
Forces unit, Hezbollah and other allied militias.

Battles are set to also intensify as pro-government Palestinian militiamen have also arrived on the front to assist the Syrian Army. Full details can be read here.

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