Syrian Army shows no mercy to jihadists in Idlib, continues onslaught and liberates town after town


January 9, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

IDLIB, Syria – The Syrian Army has no shown no mercy to the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front and their allies in the northwest province of Idlib as it continues its march and liberates town after town.

The Syrian Army, primarily the elite Tiger Forces, liberated the imperative town of Sinjar in the southern countryside of the jihadist-held province over the weekend and has reduced the gap to only 3km before reaching the Abu Dhuhour Airbase.

The liberation and security of the Airbase will be a devastating blow to the jihadist forces as the Syrian Air Force can conduct a higher rate of sorties when relocated to the strategically placed based.

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Meanwhile, the town of Al-Shakusiyah has just been liberated from the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP). The TIP are a jihadist force made up primarily of terrorists from the Uighur minority group from western China.

In addition, the Syrian Army has also liberated Rasm Hamidi, Suruj, al’Adiliyah and Astablat to the southwest of Abu Dhuhour.

This is set to only increase the infighting among jihadist ranks based in Idlib province. Full details of the infighting that is expected to become violent can be read here.

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