The economic crimes of the Venezuelan bourgeoisie


January 30, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Mision Verdad.

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CARACAS, Venezuela – The most comfortable part of the tactic for the junkyard entrepreneurs anchored in Venezuela, but with interests far from this land, is that starving profits by controlling the market via cartelization, hiding food and medicines to cause nervous purchases with imposed prices that push inflation and, with it, the impoverishment of family income.

The globalized and financialized capitalism offers well-being to all those who work. For this, the consumerist condition is important. That you are a client is the currency of capitalist accumulation. In its global design has never been the option that we decide on what we eat, rather, the processes of colonial domination of modernity have been accompanied by the imposition of tastes, diets and imaginations of well-being.

As war is the engine of what modernity-coloniality conceives as progress, it is not uncommon that, in addition to impacting and plundering the whole web of life (nature + cultures), the fundamental plunder has been executed in our psyche, but the desperation in which they try to plunge us has come up against the resistance of a people determined to win without selling their future to the global malandraje represented by Trump. Before each political victory of 2017 they have lashed out with unprecedented increases in prices, more hoarding and fear campaigns.

Praneando front with food and dollars

In this month of November it was learned that the producer of chicken and derived products Protinal Proagro, located in the state of Carabobo, threw thousands of live chickens suitable for human consumption in pits in the last eight months to cause shortages, according to Mario Silva and María Alejandra Díaz during the program “La Hojilla”, in which they showed videos of how thousands of chickens that could be bred for consumption and for egg production were poured into a pit. Díaz indicated that “There is evidence with real figures that show that they were fit for human consumption”.

The first investigations on the fact detail that Protinal, in spite of having received 4 million dollars corresponding to vaccines and essential foods for the industrial breeding of these broilers, preferred to bury them alive to cause scarcity of the product.

Instead of being taken to the fattening farms for distribution in the national markets, the chicks, when leaving the incubator, were taken to cemeteries where they made pits and buried alive under the pretext that they were not suitable, however there are tests that prove otherwise.

The contribution to the economic war of the company Molinos Nacionales CA (Monaca) was to overcome 50 thousand kilos of corn flour for human consumption, in four of the 11 silos that are located in the company located in the Simón Planas municipality of the state Lara After the complaint of the Productive Committee of Workers (CPT) of Demaseca, a commissioner of the National Superintendency of Agri-Food Management (Sunagro) reported the extraction of 7 thousand metric tons of corn flour in poor condition.

Demaseca belongs to Monaca, which became a subsidiary of the Mexican transnational Grupo Maseca (Gruma) since 1999. According to the list of currencies granted by Cencoex at preferential prices published by the Table, this business group received more than 85 million dollars subsidized only in 2015, for the production and distribution of food at fair prices.

The workers denounce that the owners of the company “have left the corn flour to rot, since the current state is not suitable for human consumption.” The material is sold as raw material for the production of feed for cows and / or pigs, a product that, as it is regulated, will increase the profit of the Mexican multinational Gruma to the detriment of the Venezuelan population that sees disappear from its table what could have been the supply of precooked flour to supply 12,500 bags of CLAP “.

In 2016, Monaca, Cargill and six other companies controlled wheat imports that reached 90 thousand tons in June, reached 90 thousand tons in July and exceeded 110 thousand tons in August, more than 25% recent historical while the tails in the bakeries did not disappear

Overcome the “tabaratismo” and the food dictatorship

Some data of how the agro-industry swindles while making us believe that it feeds us and makes progress:

70% of the world gets food from the peasant food network, which works with only 25% of the resources.

For every dollar paid for an industrialized food, another two dollars must be paid for environmental damage and health.

The cost of the damage caused by industrial food is equivalent to five times the global expenditure on weapons.

We have already addressed the role of agro-industry in the economic war against Venezuela. Its link to political sabotage has been such that Pascualina Curcio showed how between 2003 and 2013 production (average GDP) grew, imports and granting of foreign currency while shortages also increased, always linked to events of political relevance such as, for example, elections and the death of Commander Hugo Chávez.

Curcio herself has affirmed that transnational and national companies that have a monopoly on the production and distribution of food and medicines are violating the human rights of the Venezuelan population by denying timely access to basic necessities on which life depends, in this way the entire liberal discourse of freedom, equality and fraternity is questioned.

A government that does not obey the multinational elites to the detriment of its population is attacked along with that population through economic coercion and dictatorial harassment, thus restricting the majority’s right to choose, that is, their freedom. The redistribution of oil income as a mechanism to equalize opportunities to the impoverished majorities has been attacked continuously converting our social relations into a battlefield where, before the fraternity, bachaqueo and rattle prevail as real codes of capitalism.

The development model that sold us the “tabaratismo”, upper phase of the consumerist rentism, consisted of giving dollars to the importing bourgeoisie to escape them and sell us everything in the framework of a speech of “you deserve your drop of oil” , and as if our opportunity to be historic depended on them, that is how de facto the Venezuelan role was declared as a mine in the global market.

Rebuilding the economy and politics is a challenge in which the revolutionary leadership is at the forefront, we have to create and build alternatives to the oligarchic swindle that bleeds us and disappears.

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