The head of CIA stands up for Trump in light of criticism of his mental abilities

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January 7, 2018 – FRN – 

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RIA  – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

Questions about the mental ability of US President Donald Trump in his post are put by those who did not accept his victory in the election of 2016, said CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

The discussion took place in the United States after the publication of the book by journalist Michael Wolff “Fire and Fury: in the White House of Trump,” in which, with reference to former members of the administration, an unflattering assessment of the head of state is given. Wolff also stated that “Trump is intellectually incapable of being president of the United States, he does not read, he does not listen, he is not deeply curious.”

“These are ridiculous statements: they come from people who still have not accepted the fact that Trump is the president of the US I’m sorry for them,” Pompeo said.

He also called it “pure fantasy” and “total absurdity” in relation to the statement about Trump’s inability to be president.

“The president is involved in solving problems, he understands the complexity, he is asking really difficult questions to our team in the CIA so that we can provide all the information that is necessary for him to take correct, justified political decisions,” the head of the department said.

As follows from Trump’s schedule, which is published by the press service of the White House, the head of state conducts briefings on intelligence and national security issues almost every morning.

Trump himself called himself a “genius” against the background of statements about his insufficient mental abilities.

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