The Irish Crimean – Why the Kremlin loves Russiagate hysteria


January 7, 2018 – FRN – 

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By Padraig Joseph McGrath – The Irish Crimean

From the perspective of people opposed to American hegemony, Trump’s biggest selling-point is his glaring incompetence. Why would we want to have a competent adversary?

That being said, the post-election backlash against Trump, the waves of protest etc, are also very pleasing to the Kremlin. Because Trump got elected, the US is now in the grip of a political and potentially constitutional crisis, making the United States internally ungovernable and making the projection of power outward all the more difficult.

What’s not to like for an adversary?

Did the Kremlin attempt to influence the outcome of the election? Of course they did – so did Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, China and Ukraine, and probably a few other countries besides….

Every large state attempts to influence every other state’s internal political process – that’s been standard practice internationally since the De Medicis.

What’s the biggie?

Assuming that the Kremlin attempted to influence the outcome of the election (of course, everybody does it), what American liberals don’t understand is that the post-election liberal backlash against Trump was always part of the Kremlin plan. 

The longer your political crisis continues, the longer your country remains internally ungovernable, and the longer you’ll be unable to effectively project power outward.

So, ironically, the way that Democrats are pushing this “Russiagate” controversy is, in itself, helping Russia.

Don’t stop doing what you’re doing. We love it.

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